Attention: MEN !!

  1. Do you always carry a bag with you daily wherever you go, like us ladies do (i hate to call it a "man purse") for all your wallet, keys, cell, glasses, etc? My DH does and it's a red Kipling brand (remember the monkey?). He tosses it around like a football, and I'm thinking of the geant citadin PM as a b-day gift....or should I wean him off the bag??? I'm in the south so it's not as common as in the big city to see a man with a "purse".....any thoughts?
  2. i think it is perfectly fine for a man to have a man bag. i think you should consult ur DH to see if he likes the idea of buying him a LV for his b-day. Citadin will be a perfect choice
  3. I'm not a man... but I think it's fine to get your DH a bag. Although it might be rare to see a guy with a bag on the streets, I'm not really bothered by it or think more. You do what you want.

    (However, if it were my DH in the future, I wouldn't get him a bag... lol)
  4. I use my Damier Geant Messenger pretty much everyday for work/school. I see tons of guys with messenger bags around here...
  5. i always have a bag with me. its got a function and purpose not just mere adornment. by the way, i never call it manbag or "murse" - which is as silly and outdated as the words "bling" or "metrosexual" - its either mesenger, tote or simply bag :yes:
  6. My husband carries a bag is a tumi, and kind of upscale backpack looking thing, but bot back straps. He is not into LV, or a would try and find one for him.
  7. I like to carry a big bag wherever i go, just simply because i always have too much stuff to bring with me, and i think it is very common these days man carries a bag, especially within Asian people.
  8. HI,

    I carry around my damier broadway to school and work. It is great if you have books and other daily essentials to carry. A lot of guys carry at least some sort of messenger bag to hold daily essentials. Just the other day I was carrying my broadway and I overheard a couple admiring my bag. They got even more excited when I opened it to reveal the red linning. The gentlemen was like "now thats an awesome messenger bag" I am sure he didnt know it was LV. :smile: If your guy is not a into showing the world that he is carrying an LV, dont get him the geant as it says in bold writing Louis Vuitton Paris. I personally think that damier or taigia are way cooler!
  9. I always tend to have a messenger bag on me simply cause I like having everything with me. I guess it's the worrier in me and I just like being prepared for any occasion.
  10. I feel lost without a bag, because I'm used to carrying so much stuff I need to carry one at all times. Also, I always loose stuff that's in my pocket. A bag is easier. I agree with mr duck "manbag" sounds nasty and "murse" is comical. It's a bag, messenger tote etc. I've never even heard an equvilant word to "murse" and "manbag" outside of US sit coms and apparantly in US, here it's not uncommon for a guy to carry messengers and it has never been uncommon.
  11. Very well said!!:tup:
  12. my friend (guy) always carries with him with Louis Vuitton!!!
  13. I always have a bag with me and here is really common, If you want a bag for your husbagd you should think of what he needs the citadin sounds great but is not so big and u can't have big documents in it, what about a broadway or a loup in geant??
  14. I bought my SO the damier geant messager in the earth color. I think its fine for a man to carry a nice bag.
  15. It's fine to carry a bag when you actually have stuff to carry in it. I carry a bag when I need to, I don't think I've ever done it for accessorising purposes - women tend to do that more.