Attention LV lovers with huge collections!

  1. I know that the patina on LV's can be of varying shades/colors. I would LOVE to see the different "phases" that a LV patina goes through. Does anyone have a large enough collection to do display the changes?

    If not that is ok too! Maybe we can all post what stage our current LV is in and compile the "life" of the patina. :idea:

    I'll go first. I sold my petite noe a couple of months ago. The patina was in the "honey" phase.
  2. I took this pic after I bought my Lodge PM. New handle (Lodge) vs. "old" handle (Hudson PM):
  3. If you go intho the bag showcase "LVaddicts bags n more" shows almost 10 years of different shades of patina. My backpack is the oldest and the fringe speedy is the newest, and all the MC in between!
  4. Here are some pics of dif. patina stages. I hope they help. Although, the bags with the darkest patina aren't necessary the oldest in my collection. Just used a lot more.;)
    pict29419mg.jpg pict29484np.jpg pict29572ix.jpg pict29670sa.jpg pict29680or.jpg pict29764vy.jpg pict29800iy.jpg 5212564722.jpg
  5. irene, your ellipse's patina is GORGEOUS!
  6. This is a stage of patina you never want to get to.:sick::yucky:
    *pictures from an ebay auction.
    9b9e093e.jpg ed0e1e84.jpg
  7. Aaaawww! :amazed:
    Do I see an EYE MISS YOU there?
    It's gorgeous! :love:
  8. Thank you!:love: Ellipse is my first LV (almost 10 years old to the day!!!). I LOVE IT!!!
  9. YES!!! Thank you so much!!!
  10. You can kind of see the variations on these bags..the oldest is the Speedy's about 15-16ish years old. These aren't ALL of my bags of course hehe but these show the variation the best.

    And here's a better picture of the Speedy 30. (15-16 years mom carried it every day for about 8 years)
  11. it's funny...when I bought my first LV I wanted the patina to stay as light as I want them to hurry up! EVERYTHING shows up on the light patina (slightest little dirt marks, etc.) and I just want them to darken and hide everything!
    My Lodge is only 2.5 months old and only been "outside" about 5-6 times and already it's starting to patina nicely...I'm so excited about it lol