Attention LV Josephine PM/GM owners!

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  1. Do you have pictures of you carrying your bags? I'd love to see the size proportion IRL :love: Also, I'd love to see the different variety of colors that PF owners chose. TYIA :flowers:
  2. Mine is a dark blue TST Josephine PM. Sorry I do not have pic of me carrying the bag:shame:
    Pic7 162w.jpg
  3. that's the one i want so badly....
  4. I have the Josephine PM TST Khaki. Sorry I don't have pics... It is a great bag!
  5. I love the dark blue TST color so much partly because it is easier to maintain, but recently I found myself liking the Lucille PM in light khaki :amazed: I am nervous around light-colored bags~:huh:
    Lucille PM.jpg
  6. I had the regular navy and the navy tst. I carried it more than I thought I would. The GM is pretty big. The pm is more speedy like.
  7. I have the cherry color GM.
    I LOVE the size of it and it fits all my unecessary necessities:P . It's one of my favorite bag for sure
  8. Here you go:

  9. Wow that bag looks great on you! Is it a PM or a GM?
  10. Thanks very much. It's a PM. The GM would be a bit too large for me.
  11. Me and my PM!
    1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg
  12. was the josephine bag made in 2001?
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