Attention Ladies Legacy Clutch

  1. EARLIER I WROTE>>>>I was scrolling through the coach web site and i clicked on the bleecker collection on the front page, it took me to another page i scrolled down. when i put my mouse over reed's inspiration in the picture it showed a gold clutch and other bleecker items that i new about!!!!BUT does anyone know anything about that gold clutch i must have it! Is it coming out soon?:sweatdrop:

    So i went to coach 2day I looked in the red book they had a gold clutch for order now for 3 something and a legacy stripe and blk satin for 298 i dont know which i am going to get but they are so cute!!!
  2. Ooooh! I can't wait to see them. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I would call Coach at 1800-223-8647 and ask them about any Bleeker Clutches coming out. That looks like it might be released for the Holiday season.
  4. are you saying "three hundred something" for that clutch?


    ok - PASS.
  5. Pictures, Pictures....I want to see pictures!
  6. I don't know that I would pay $300 for a clutch. I would pay it for a bag.
    Target has some really cute metallic clutches for $9.99. I got one in pink
    and silver. They are called clutches but can be used as a makeupbag
    as well.
  7. yes seriously! but they look nice and they also had these other bags that looked like they were made of metal for more one silver and one gold.