1. Thought I'd post the new GD style that's available through NM catalog. If you want to order it online you can--you just have to go to the "catalog order" link on the website and enter the info. Here's the link:

    The catalog code is CSB06
    The bag is item number 38

    It apparently comes in black and brown. Hope the photo is clear enough for everyone. The dimensions are listed as 12'H x 21"W x 5.5"D. Enjoy!
  2. Is it just me, or does it look a lot larger than the others (charlotte, etc)? I am just going by picture and the pricing ($635) mind you... It looks more like an overnight/weekender size bag to me. Still beautiful tho...
  3. Well the description says 36" so maybe it's the 36 hr?
  4. ^Oh, that makes sense. I guess i've only seen pictures of the smaller sized bag then. Does anyone known the measurement of the 24hr? Just for comparison.
  5. The leather on that bag doesn't look as scrumptious, does it? But thanks for posting, good find!
  6. It does look like the 36hr to me. It's quite a bit bigger than 24hr, I saw them both IRL. The dimension of the 24 should be in one of the GD thread (can't measure it up right at this moment sorry). I had the dark brown 36 on my shoulder, it's a really nice bag with yummy leather (pebble), even I am very petit, it doesn't look ridiculous. It's just I can never fill up the bag everyday.
  7. I think it's a 24. It looks the same size wise as my 3 GD "24" bags. I'm not crazy about the flap on top though - but that's just me. I perfer their original style or the one with chains over this one.

    (but I also sent back my kooba sienna in cognac because I thought it was too western/cowboy looking for me)
  8. The site says it is a large leather 36 satchel.

    Cute bag!
  9. Does it look like in the pic that the stitching is a white-ish color?

    Wicked...I need you to talk me out of this bag......! :amazed:
  10. The stitching does look whitish to me. I wouldn't get the bag personally. I think the flap makes it look weird... And I don't like how the buckle is repeated on the flap and on the handles. Plus that outer zipper pockets under the flap is too much too!

    If the bag was in that color, but the "regular" GD style, I'd say go for it. But not this one. I think you can find something better. Especially at that price point. I don't want to deter others from getting the bag, but I know you already have other GD's--stick with those! Hope that helps, Bjara!
  11. Thank you! The thing is...I don't need another bag, period. I just get caught up in the "Ooohh, it's new!" and think I must have it. :amuse:

    I think the one with the chains that I have is close enough in color to this one, so that is a huge minus to me right there.

    But I was tempted! :P
  12. I am almost 100% that it is a 36hr, especially when it says in the catalogue that it's 36" (the charlotte 24hr is only 19" max).

    Bjara, it does look like it's with white stitching. The stitching of the one I saw is in the same colour as the leather i.e. dark brown. Remember I told you about it went I first saw it in the department store? We came to the conclusion that it's way too big for your day to day life:smile:. This version looks better in dark colour IMHO.
  13. ^^I changed my mind - I think you're right that it is the 36 hours. It doesn't look too different though from the 24 hours I have. I agree with what wickedassin said about it though. Wow - it's a LOT more expensive than the "24" too! They're listing the price of this bag as $635.00 - while the "24" bags are $395.00!!!
    I'm sticking with the reg. or chain GD bags.
    Cheers to those that love this style though - to each her own! :smile: