Attention Fuschia Denim Owners...

  1. I caved and bought a baggy GM in fuschia:nuts:. What kind of LV wallets go best with this color line? I've not seen it in person yet, and I'm just curious what combos go well with this color. Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. Oh, and any photos would be greatly appreciated !!!!TY
  3. Here's my fuschia with my blue denim- I don't match my wallet to my bag too lazy:p to move everything around.. I use my groom wallet in all my bags
  4. I actually use my monogram zippy organizer as a wallet when I carry my Fuschia Baggy GM. I actually like my wallets to match my bags, but in this case this is the best I could do. I was thinking of getting the blue denim zippy in the future. Perhaps that would go better??
  5. It's a great bag - you'll love it.
    What about a framboise vernis wallet? That should look nice with the fuschia.
  6. Congrats on your new bag! Personally I think any LV wallet would look great- especially damier or damier azur, which I think would have a nice, "structured" contrast to it.
  7. I use a framboise agenda as my wallet, so it matches perfectly with my neo fuschia speedy x
  8. thanks for the does the denim hold up? Does it bleed? Easy to keep clean? TIA
  9. Yup, Framboise or Fuschia would look great with it.
  10. ^^ I Agree
  11. I use a framboise wallet with my fuchsia Baggy PM. They go together very nicely! :smile:
  12. I used a pomme french with my fuschia speedy :yes:
  13. What do you think of white MC wallets? Any chance of bleeding from the denim onto the white??
  14. I use my MC french in white or mono PTI.