Attention for those of you with not-so-black Black Balenciaga

I am another person who is having problem with my beloved 07 Black City fading and turning green. I was in the love-hate relationship with this bag. I hate that it is turning greener and greener that I even posted it on here about selling it. I even purchased a F/W08 Parttime to replace it. But I just couldn't make myself into selling it becoz it has the most wonderful leather I have ever experience in Bal. I have been really frustrated with this decision that my beloved SO started to get annoyed. :crybaby:

Then last night, he came up with a really weird idea! I talked to him about dying my bag with Terrago Dye, following what some of us here had done. But told him that the problem was I couldn't find Terrago dye in Thailand. Then he suggested why didn't I try to use the Terrago Shoe Shine in black (no. 18). :wtf:

I tried that!!! And the result was amazing!!! :yahoo: The bag is now BLACK, jet black! the leather is still as soft as it used to be. I am a really happy girl right now :wlae:

For those of you who maybe worried about the transfer of the color onto your clothes, I must say at this moment, it looks fine. No stickiness, no color transfer has happened yet. You just have to make sure that after you apply the Shoe Shine, you left it to be absorbed for a while and then you polish it in circular just like you polish your shoes. I used a soft cloth to polish my bag, I did it for about 30 minutes until color stop transfering onto the cloth.

I think I need to try it out for a week to see if color transfer is a problem. If not... I think I have found out a really handy way in restoring the blackness of my black Bal. But for the moment, I am such a happy girl! Thanks to my dearest SO.

I will come back to report how is my bag doing in a week time! I will also try to post the before and after treatment picture, maybe tomorrow. And will take a new set of picture after a week time!


no will power
May 17, 2007
I'm sure if you later decide that you want to dye it, that you can ask to place you bought the shoe shine from to order it. If they have the shoe polish from Tarrago, they should be able to get the dye. Just a thought.

I'm eager to know how if the color with rub off on your clothes...I hope it doesnt, but that's what would worry me.

Keep us posted....
Here are some photos of before and after

This is how it looked before the shoe shine. It is just so green.

Then half way through the process, on the left corner, you can see the different between the front (which I had applied a layer of shoe shine) and the side (which has not yet been treated). I think the different is quite obvious.

The final result... I am really happy about it. :wlae:


For those of you who are wondering how the leather feels like, I think it is even softer than before. The Tarrago shoe shine is in itself a leather conditioner as well, and somehow, I feel that it works really well with my Bal leather! :tup: It felt softer after the treatment than it felt when I applied Appleguard...

Well... for the colour fading overtime, I guess it will just fade overtime, which I think it is okay. I can just reapply the shoe shine every month, just like I condition my bag with appleguard, since it not only didn't damage the quality of my bag, but also condition it. The only worry I have is that the colour may transfer onto some other things that rub against it. Howver, so far so good. I haven't yet experience anything like that. I have also tried to use clean cloth to rub against it, and no colour came out. I also try to put some water on it... and then rub against it... it seem fine even so. So... I guess it is good enough for me. No fuss of dying it and risk losing its value when I decide to sell it later on becoz the bag has been dyed.

I will report back after a week time to see how it is holding up.
So... after about one month of very heavy use and beaten up, my black city is still very black and the best of all, I have NOT yet encounter any colour transfer onto my clothes whatsoever!!! :wlae: So, I guess this is another alternative way for you BAL lovers who feels that your black BAL is not as black as you wish! No risk of dying it and losing the value if you feel like selling it in the future. Moreover, your BAL will feel even softer that before you treating it as the Terrago shoe shine will also condition your bag while colouring it. Yeahhhhh :yahoo: You know what... I think from now on I will just condition this black city with Terrage shoe shine!!! :smile:

Miss World

Nov 6, 2006
When i first saw the BEFORE picture, i thought what is she talking looks black, but then i saw the AFTER photo and i saw the huge difference in colour and the greeness in the previous photo.

Thanks for the photos, i hope the dye doesn't run in the rain or if you get it wet because it looks really great now :smile:


Apr 11, 2008
Geez, that is one HOT HOT Bag now!!!!! :tup:

I can't get over how brave you gals are!
But I think if my black Bal turns green, (please God, no....) I would do the same as you!
It couldn't be worse than green, anyway!

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

(btw, did you use the shoe polish on the laces?)