Attention Fashionistas: Colors

  1. Seasoned Fashionistas and Hermes bag owners, give your advice on handbag colors that are complimentory to wardrobe colors and prints. This will help me and others in choosing a bag color. Thanks!
  2. All of my H bags are bright colors and they go with almost everything year round.
    My bags are
    Orange birkin swift
    vert anis birkin ostrich
    rouge garance kelly clemence
  3. With prints, I usually stick to neutral handbags, otherwise, IMO, it can be very busy and straining to the eye. Eg, if you like Lilly Pulitzer prints, I would stick to etoupe, white, or gold. I know she likes to use lots of pinks and greens, but if you go too matchy with vert anis and fuschia, I think the eye would be too distracted between your outfit and the purse. Just my opinion, though. I am sure there are people who can carry it off, but I like my bag to compliment my outfit not compete with it. Conversely, a very neutral wardrobe can be accented by a bright colored bag. I'm very short, so am very wary of looking "busy".
  4. ^^I agree. I think Etoupe or Gold would work well with a wardrobe that's very colorful.
  5. i agree with HG.

    and HG you didn't even mention black!!
  6. She didn't mention where she lives. In some areas a black wardrobe is impractical. If I lived in FL, I'd be in Lilly Pullitzer most of the time, if you can believe that. Wearing black down south would be like asking for heat stroke.
  7. LOL! Yep, I live in Fl, and in Lilly Pulitzer! I'm sure a lot of people need sunglasses just to watch me walk down the street!:wtf:

    But I also wear a lot of white, beige, and denim....and I think the bright colors (Orange, BJ, maybe turquoise) would do really well with them. I also think if someone wore a lot of black the brighter bags would really "pop" and look incredible with it. But then again, I'm one of those people who loves to be surrounded by color!
  8. That's true. then again, we're in nyc and my mom has taken to wearing LP jeans. the only jeans i can get her to wear. lol.

    i am a total color girl too. it wasn't until i hit 30 that i started wearing more black (well, i had some in my teen years). now i can wear an all black outfit but it's still on the rare side.