Attention -- Fashion Police!

  1. I live in Baltimore and winter has settled in. I am a "no white shoes and bags after Labor Day" kind of dresser. What do you think the "rule" would be for Azur Damier? Or, should I just save it for the spring (now counting the days.) I am not afraid of the elements and vachetta. Just call me a rebel. I never knew it was a problem until I started reading tPF!!
    Judy --> doesn't want to be a fashion "don't!"
  2. I dont think any LV is suited to a particular season really.. I think Azur can look nice in winter aswell because of the cool tones of it.
  3. I see quite a few people carrying azur bags recently, I don't think the rules apply in the same way !
  4. I am in NY and think of it as a warm weather bag. I am getting the Hempstead when she comes out and think of it March-April thru Oct-Nov bag
  5. I live in Texas so we don't really get winter here like other places do. I think you can use that bag all year around but to me it does look more like a Spring/Summer bag because of the lighter colors but it doesn't mean it won't look great during the colder seasons :tup:
  6. I used to think of it as a spring/summer bag but then my friend wore her azur noe with her camel-colored wool coat and it looked stunning!

    Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how white (and not winter white) found its way into the winter palette of acceptable colors.
  7. I live in New Jersey and I would consider it a spring/summer bag... sorry :sad:
  8. I love the azur with camel or cream coloured wool coats, I think they look great!
  9. Damier azur looks amazing with the "new neutral" gray colors!
  10. I live in NJ and was raised with the "No white after Labor Day" rule and I can't get past that! The Azur Damier, IMO, is a s/s bag (but it must look gorgeous with a camel/cream wool coat)
  11. At some point most of the fashion rules went right out the window. And I can't say I'm too sorry about it. I think azur looks lovely at all times of year. And I just have to look for a non rainy day to bring out my gris Mahina.
  12. You should be able to wear it whenever you'd like to - of course this is coming from a Florida girl!! ;)
  13. Oh i love the azur.
  14. I live in northern NJ outside of manhattan - and I think of the azur more of a late spring into summer bag. ( I own a piece and don't feel comfortable carrying it past August in the Northeast). Yet I would wear and have worn white after labor day - my white epi pieces look nice in winter as a contrast to my darker coats and outfits - as does the blanc suhali ( although I don't own any of that).
    As for the azur, something about the off white with the blue and the vachette - doesn't work for me as a winter bag in the northeast. However I might add - if I was down south, or out west in California, Texas I could see it working.
  15. i dont understand what "Labour Day" is???? im british and i dont get it :S