Attention: Edith Searchers!!!

  1. I just got the following email from Bob Ellis Shoes if you're still on the hunt for an Edith:

    "We have just received Chocolate and Chamois in the medium Edith bag from Chloe'. Very limited quantities please email or call me 843-722-2515 ext 27 if you are interested. Thanks bill"
  2. The chamois is the one I sent back! I hope it goes to a good home!
  3. Roo - are you ON the chocolate??? Or just plain done with Bob Ellis?
  4. I am going to wait, I think I'd prefer to have a larger window for returning it if need be. Two weeks is not long enough when you are as far away as I am. But I will say that Bill there is really nice.
  5. im thinking of selling my medium whiskey - really cant decide tho!
  6. You'll regret it Miss Bradshaw!! Think of that lovely smell you'll be missing!
  7. Ladies there is a chocolate Edith online at NM right now....someone get it before it goes!!!!:yes:
  8. I got it!!!! Can't wait to see if it's as beautiful as the pictures.
  9. pics...YEAH!!!!:biggrin:
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