Attention, Diamond Birkin Fans~~

  1. As some of you already know, there had been a black glazed porosus crocodile Birkin 30cm with diamond at the SCP store for some time now. It's still there, but now it's got a little sister too.

    There's currently a black matte niloticus crocodile Birkin 30cm at SCP. They just got it in. It's AT LEAST $20000 cheaper than its older sister. Somebody gets this and post lots of pics please?
  2. Oh alright.....
  3. damn...they won't ship......never mind.
  4. $20,000 cheaper than.... :wtf:

    Someday... someday
  5. Vlad are you listening?
  6. Kou.. i dont like black matte.. it looks odd.. i have the kelly jpg clutch in matte black and let me tell u that i only take it out cause its the only clutch i have! If i ever find a glazed one, ill snap it and get rid of the matte one.. the difference is HUGE!

    Also the crocodile matte looks softer.. in crocodile bag i like the bag to hold its shape.. thats what i like about the glazed.. matte birkin in my opinion not worth the $$$!
  7. I agree with pinkish love.... croc looks better glazed.... the glaze makes it look expensive$$$$$$$:nuts:
  8. damn, 20,000 less, I think I might just faint! One day I will get it, lol!
  9. Where are the diamonds on this bag? I have heard about these but haven't seen one.
  10. ^^On the hardware and lock. Btw, yesterday I saw Zoe Tay at Mcdonalds in France with her toddler & husband carrying hermes birkin in rouge vif w/gold hardware but her lock, she had her initials done on it. Her initials read as ZY. I need to ask my SA about that.:drool:
  11. I'll try to stop by later today and put it on my AMEX...I need enough points for 2007 travel...
  12. Not a fan of black matte croc, either. It looks kind of plasticky to me.

    LOL, GF!
  13. Japster... I will tell Vlad he says something to look forward to! :roflmfao:
  14. LOL!
    I think the other glazed diamond Birkin was a 35 cm, too. Unless they'd sold that one?
  15. Not if I get there first - LMBO!

    :nuts: :smile: