Attention Cruise Joy Boston/Speedy owner

  1. I was so excited to get this bag with matching wallet last week. But, when I looked at it again today, the zipper pull fell off! It is BN in its dustbag! :wtf: Upon further inspection, the Gucci logo that is supposed to be on the side of the bag in which the leather tab is, is missing! Checked the wallet and the Gucci logo mark that is supposed to be inside is not there also!

    New owners of this bag should check their bags and make sure nothing is missing. I have Gucci schedule a UPS pickup and am sending them back. They are to me defective.

    Bummer! :sad:
  2. wow! so sorry to hear that....thanks for the heads up bee....i just got mine yesterday and haven't had the chance to really inspect it. Now i'm gonna head on home and closely check my bag. :wtf:
  3. It's kind of strange when I first looked at them, didn't know why. Then today I was browsing online and da dum! How can the Gucci logo gone missing on both?
  4. hmmmm that is strange! I'll check the site too and compare just to make sure i didn't miss anything. I know you got the white one....i got the other color. :smile: hope they replace them with new ones.
  5. That is Strange!! Send that sucker back.. are you going to get another one or are you just going to get something else? So Sorry that happend!!!
  6. I hope they send me another one, since the Gucci logo is missing! Ppl might think I'm carrying a fake :push:
  7. good catch! i got the small one and didn't realize it until you mentioned it. the pic on the website definitely has a logo. i am going to the store tomorrow to tell them about it! thanks! :yes: