Attention Chanel shoppers! need opinion?

  1. is the metal chain GRAND shopping bag too big for an everyday tote?? ($2,750)
    i have a gift certificate to Saks & want to use it towards a new Chanel but they don't carry the smaller version...
    anyone have any suggestions about what they have right now at Saks, NYC??
  2. Sorry, not sure which bag you are asking about. The Grand Shopping Tote? There is a petite shopping tote that is smaller. Do you have a picture?
  3. i think it depends mainly on how it looks on you and if you feel comfortable carrying it with all your stuff in it (would it be heavy?). I'm not a super big fan of the GST so I'd prob go for a different (less structured) tote. I think you could use your GC at another Saks so you're not limited to just the inventory at the NY Saks. HTH!
  4. I think you're referring to the Modern Chain Tote, correct? If so, many do think that is large and can get heavy. It is a gorgeous bag though!

    I think it depends on your personal preference. I'd go try out the different styles in person, and once you have decided which bag you want, you can try calling other Saks to find that bag. You can send the Saks GC to the SA to be rung up.
  5. Yeah, I agree with ocgirl. The Modern Chain tote is quite heavy, especially if you're going to carry it around for long periods of time. That was my main problem with this bag.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. I do not think it is to long, take look at my pic of my bags. The petit is in burgundy, dark reddish and the GST is in black. I think they are on the same row. It gives u an idea of the difference.
  7. The smaller size is the N/S tote, I have it in black and I mainly use it for everyday use. The first day I wore it, I thought It might have to bring it back, but I gave it another day and now I don't even notice it on my shoulder. Its a perfect everyday bag. I like it a lot more than the E/W version. Good luck.
  8. :heart:
    Thank you so much girls!
    i fell in love the the smaller mc tote in another boutique -
    when i ordered it from Saks i didn't realize i was getting the larger one - when it arrived i was so disappointed -
    none of the Saks stores carry the smaller one...
    i get a new Chanel tote every season so i will drive to Saks in nyc to take a look in person ...
    i do appreciate your opinions...
    i'm so gald i found this forum...i've been collecting Chanel handbags for 25ish yrs ~ i'm the "old bag" in this group!
    when i die my daughter/daughter in law will kill one another over my collection!!!!!!!
  9. If you like the N/S Modern Chain, you might like the GST which is similar in shape and Saks carries it. The N/S Modern Chain is an amazing bag and I know Hirshleifer's carries it. Saks also had the expandable tote which is similar in shape.
  10. thanks for your comments Cheapmommy!
    i'm not as savvy to all the abbreviations but i think i have the GST (grand shopping tote?) in black and light pink...
    its been around a while, right??
    i'm learning a great deal here at this forum...
    i didn't even know about all the great bags i own!:idea:
    i have the classic "flap" in 4 sizes!
    but they r all in their boxes in my closet - now i'm thinking of displaying them like so many of the gals here!
    can't wait to get to Saks!
  11. Nothing beats seeing them in person and trying them on. Good luck finding the perfect bag!
  12. Hello: you can tell me if the bag I attach is authentic?; I don´t have other pictures and I am interested for this bag. thank you so[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] much
  13. There is a thread in the Chanel Shopping section for our resident experts to authenticate bags. You would get more of a response if you post there.
  14. I love big bags