Attention Chanel Pet Lovers! Please Share Your Photos!

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  1. Good Evening Chanelistas!

    After posting photos of my reveal the other night, I got an idea for a new fun thread. Since so many people commented on my dog opening the Chanel box, I thought it would be great if we shared photos of our pets with our bags. I looked and couldn’t find a similar thread. So I will kick it off with the first photo of Buddy with my Chanel.

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  2. What a great idea!!! Your Buddy is sooo adorable!!! :giggle::heart:
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  3. Good idea but you might want to change the title to have pets included so ppl will be more apt to read and post? Just a suggestion.
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  4. 83D47F20-FFFB-465C-A0DA-F54DF42EA311.jpeg Oh!!! I love this idea !!! I caught my pup Jax going to take a peek at my flaps..actually my dh did and sent me this pic!! :hbeat: I’m def gonna follow this thread ..
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  5. Thank you!
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  6. Thank you for the suggestion! Any idea how to change the thread title?
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  7. Too cute!! I love it!
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  8. Yes edit the name to “pets and their Chanel’s” something like that
  9. Such a fun thread! I will make one tonight!
    Here is one of my baby with my new brooch!
  10. What a cutie! And beautiful brooch!
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  11. I am hoping to get the thread name changed to Attention Chanel Pet Lovers! Please Share Your Photos!
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  12. Thank you!
  13. I love it! People are crazy about their pets so this should be fun!
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  14. Good idea! Nice pics!
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  15. Sammy loves Chanel.....the ribbons are the best IMG_1510841950.665991.jpg