Attention Chanel lovers who are Londoners!!!

  1. Was at Liberty today, and they've got a few VINTAGE CHANEL BAGS ON SALE!!!
    They've got one calfskin quilted bag in tan, red velvet quilted bag, etc etc etc.!!
  2. Oh!!Thanx a lot!!Did you see how much they are??:nuts:
  3. oh no I'm not in the uk at the moment boo hoo
  4. Where are these bags on sale, I was in Selfridges last week and did not see them at the Chanel botique?
  5. Umm. I'm not vintage fan. I love my bag to be new. Anyway, thanks for info.

    PS: I think the price there is a lot expensive than eBay.
  6. OMG!!! Thanks for the info!!!
  7. Hate seeing stuff like this while Im in the US!!LMAO!
  8. NO NO NO! they're not in the boutiques. I think they're like 400-600pounds... You can get an extra 10% off if you've got the liberty card. and the vintage chanel was gorgeous, i tell you! GORGEOUS!!!
    Also there, was a vintage box leather dark navy kelly...