Attention Canadians!!!

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  1. OK.. i just posted the "BAG for BROk-ees" thread.. got tremendous feedback from everyone here! so helpful! :love: (yeah you wickedassin!:amuse:) and everyone's advice had really gotten me excited...:nuts: one problem.. all the sites and bags i've been lookin' at don't ship internationally.. :cry: so i'm back to square one...:huh:

    let's winter bag turned ugly on me. i'm looking for a leather shoulder tote.. medium sized, i'm short (5.4ft) so cant be too big... i'm broke too...(just bought my MC speedy:love:), so i need something less than $200. this bag is meant to be something i can use from now(winter) till spring as a day bag. was thinking of something white. are there any other middle ranged brands with quality leather other than banana republic? :worried:
  2. How about Kenneth Cole, Coach and Hobo International...I know they ship to Canada.
  3. Hi, I live in Canada too. Try, they have a nice selection of bags, ie. Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Maxx New York, etc. The final total includes the duties and taxes so you don't have to pay anything when you receive it. Try to buy when they offer free shipping it's alot cheaper.:biggrin:
  4. I've been looking at a few nice bags at Arnold Chirgin. They are around $259-349 and all leather. I usually never sway from highend designers, but these bags are really nice! I think I might pick one up today and use it as my "winter" bag.
  5. Try Danier. Most of their purses are under $200. Only thing is, sometime the leather's nice and sometime's it's not so nice; so you have to take some time to find one you're happy with.

    I was there earlier today, saw a few nice big bags that seemed both practical and fashionable.
  6. You may want to try

    I stumbled across this site a few days ago. I haven't tried it myself to vouch for it though. Good luck on your bag hunting !!:biggrin:
  7. hi all,
    I would also LOVE to know how canadians can order and have it shipped without
    paying an arm and leg for brokerage/custom fees....

    Any site I come across....have to add a big chunk for
    it to be delivered to Canada....

    thanks for any tips...
  8. do u live near the US border? if so you can get a US mailbox, depends on how much stuff you order though if its worth paying the rental fees. they keep the stuff for you for a few weeks, so u don't need to make trips too frequently. other than that or shipping to friends in the US there really aren't too many ways to get around brokerage/customs fees
  9. unfortunately not ....

    thanks for your suggestion.
  10. db89, I've usually had to pay pretty high brokerage fees and customs fees when I order from the US. It's horrible! The only way of avoiding this (and it only works if you've got a sympathetic seller) is often to order through ebay. Of course, we all know the risks of ordering off of ebay (fakes, fakes, fakes). Also, it's not always possible to find the exact right thing on ebay. My best advice is to look for sales within this country. I bought a Cole Haan bag this year, for example, on a great sale at Holt's.
  11. Why not a leather bag from Roots ? They're super soft and just feel so durable !
  12. i had big problems with their initial bags when they first came out. my first one was perfect and then my hair dresser got dye on it. so i tried to get another one. they were a special order and i reordered twice and each time they were defective, finally gave up. if you buy one of their bags, just make sure you check it over
  13. Actually I already own several styles of their bags !!!

    Any other suggestions ??

  14. Here is a COACH you might like?