Attention Canadians and fellow wet weather tPFers!

  1. So fall's coming in...and i'm NOT going to endure another 2 semesters of trudging to college in wet jeans and sneakers... i just BARELY survived the last one since i've only recently moved here to vancouver, which i'm sure most of u know.. POURS during fall and winter :censor:.
    SO, i was wondering how you other girls fare out there?? Uggs? timberlands? what's your secret!? :crybaby:
    my problem is that i've got thick calves.. so leather knee high boots make me look like i've got tree trunk legs, since they're flat heels... i wouldn't mind a wedge, maybe?? :idea: i walk a lot....
    i need something i can tuck my jeans in and won't get wet!! preferably knee high!
    i saw a pair of report kenai boots a PFer posted up in another thread... any other suggestion, ladies?? HELP!!!
    sorry for the long post :P
    p.s are Uggs waterproof enough for vancouver?
    :flowers: really appreciate this, girls!!!
  2. HM...good luck. I have super thick calves too...and the ONLY taller boots I can get into are the short uggs. That said, they survived a particularly snowing christmas in chicago two years ago....they never left me feet. I don't remember if I waterproofed them or not? They did get a little dirty but I cleaned them up with a suede cleaner and they were good as new.
  3. i've got a pair of stuart weitzman goretex boots, waterproof but fashionable as it has heels. hopefully this will stand the weather! :sweatdrop:

    i used to live in boston where the winters are snowy and slushy, and i lived in land's end all-weather mocs, which i may pick up again. also looking into uggs, but too afraid to try them 'cause i don't want to look like elephant feet! :lol:
  4. I understand your situation, I have some beautiful shoes, but I hate risking messing them up. We get a lot of rain in Philly, plus the city streets are filthy. In those situations, I go with practical shoes, nothing fancy. I guess that is why bags are so wonderful, they don't get dragged through the streets.
    Sometimes, there isn't avoiding getting the Eddie Bauer Snow boots out.
  5. I wear my LFA (Love From Australia brand) Ugg boots.

    They dry out.....eventually! :lol:
  6. ...and if it snows, I wear my big, black, Sorel Snowfall boots, which I bought from a Canadian website, after I saw them in British Vogue (like these, but with a less ridged sole):


    I love 'em (I feel like Judge Anderson in them! :lol: [female Judge Dredd!]) - but unfortunately, I don't get enough chances to wear them. :sad:
  7. uggs is great :smile:
  8. La Canadienne boots...waterproofed suede. So unbelievably comfy!

    You can find them at Brown's/B2 and Feet First (I think?)

  9. I just ordered a pair of Burberry Rainboots (from Holts) for the Vancouver wet weather (although I heard this fall is not going to be as wet as last year!). Last year, it rained almost a month straight and I couldn't get a pair of Burberry's because they were sold out!!! So this year, I ordered them and they'll be arriving sometime this week! I'm glad I didn't end up getting the ones from last year because this year, the style has changed just a little bit and the sole is more comfortable (softer)! Good Luck finding a pair of boots!!
    burberry rainboots.jpg
  10. i wear uggs inside as slippers to battle the cold cdn winters. but in the snow and slush i wear a cute pair of flat diesel boots. think brown's has them again this year. the material is great, water and stain resistant. i wore them a lot last yr and they still look brand new.
  11. I heard that it is suppose to be a dry fall, more so than last year! Love those Burberry Boots! I actually would rather deal with rain than ice and snow!
  12. when i wass back in toronto, i wore my Uggs practically every day. they did get soaked thru once when it started raining wet snow and i had to walk awhile thru puddles and such but other than that, they held up perfectly. i bought the sundance in chestnut so they don't even LOOK dirty.

    now that i've moved to HK, i don't think i'll be needing them as much. i can't believe i'm going to say this, but i think i'll miss the canadian winter!!
  13. Toiletduck...don't get rid of those UGGS. I never had any until I moved here to HK...and I have bought a new pair each winter, as I literally wore them every day through the cold months! And they have been soaked, but my feet have stayed i highly recommend them. Once I even had a wave wash over my feet when I was wearing my Uggs, and my toes never felt a drop!!!
  14. I like this thread. I bought Kors Beavertons last year but I just spray them with the suede protector and it helped.

    I would like Delman Prestons. Do you girls know any stores in Toronto that might carry them besides Davids (im not even sure if they have it)