Attention Cambon reporter owners....does your bag always fall of your shoulder??

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  1. I just got my beautiful cambon mini reporter in black with white CC's and I love her. The only issue I have with it is that when it is on my shoulder, one of the straps ALWAYS falls annoying. This hapens regardless of if I am wearing just a tee or a bulky sweater. I have narrow, small shoulders (I am 5-7, 118 lbs.) and I would think the straps would stay on great! Do the straps just "break in" over time or am I destined for a life of a lopsided bag??:shrugs:
  2. The straps on my cambon bowler are always falling down and I also have very thin shoulders.
  3. i too have narrow shoulders, i learned if the handbag have a wide body, then it's bound to have a strap toggle w/me....>"<
  4. Oh no! It sounds like this isn't a "break in period" issue?:crybaby: Any others out there with this problem, help!
  5. :sweatdrop: I was anticipating just that very problem, so that's why I did not buy the reporter...;) I'm 5'3" and not just Chanel bags, even just normal double handles on a bag fall off my shoulder sometimes. Chanel seems to do that to me even more than bags of other designers though :push: probably because of the way the straps are designed. I think Chanel bags look lovely though :p ...but for me I can probably only get a handheld one. That's most likely the only option that will work for me with Chanel
  6. hrmz thats odd... i have the reporter bag and the straps fit on my shoulders fine.. or they fall off and im so use to it that its become a habit that i dont even notice..
  7. I have the Cambon bag and reporter Multi-pocket :love: and I don't seem to have any problems with it. However, the only problem i Have is that the black handles marked the white leather. SA told me that there is nothing that can be done due to the type of leather:sad:
  8. I have the Cambon flap tote, and I don't have problems with the strap falling of my shoulder.
  9. That's why Chanel makes double chain straps to accommodate for those who are petite and have narrow shoulders. I love chain straps!
  10. I know exactly what you're talking about. What I do is I kind of intertwine (or rather, overlap?) the straps on my shoulder which gives it much better staying power. I hope you get what I mean, it works for me :shame:
  11. I completely agree. For some reason, Chanel falls off my shoulder more than any other bag I own. I love Chanel enough to put up with it, but it is a bit annoying.
  12. Same here :push: