Attention BH owners!! Does your BH ever fall off of your shoulder??

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  1. So, I had a post yesterday regarding my potential purchase of a BH. I have had "issues" with bags in the past with one strap always falling off of my shoulder. For those of you that own the BH, do you have this problem at all?
  2. yesssss!

    one falls off all the time!
  3. yes, but that happens with all of my bags, i don't have very square shoulders
  4. Yes it does..... But I guess I am just so used to it. I don't even notice it. It is like my bra straps. I just fix it without even noticing.
  5. yes! They are a bit long for me the cabas piano is better for me
  6. I just got my first BH- the gold dentelle and the one time I wore it one strap was falling down. Looks like everyone else experiences this too.
  7. I've never noticed it so I don't think it does, maybe I am just buff that way. JK!
  8. How funny you mention this. I was just thinking of how annoying it is. But I love the bag.
  9. Hmm, I just tuck the outer strap under the inner when i put it over my shoulder, i do the same with my LH and dont have an issue with the handle/strap falling off.
  10. Noo.. and I have really slanty shoulders too. I think I do the shoulder strap stacking thing unconsciously though.
  11. Yes, one strap does fall off from time to time. It doesn't really bother me. The bag still stays put on my shoulder with the other strap. :p
  12. I never noticed it happen with my BH. I am really used to shoulder bags though - carry them all the time at school, etc so maybe I just have a "nack" for preventing the strap fall situation??
  13. yea, it does fall off sometimes, but i dont really bother all that much. it kinda reminds me that i am carrying a bag.... sometimes i forgot the existence of my bag. lol
  14. Yes, that happened to me too...ended up returning it for the tulum.
  15. Occasionally, but I notice that it does it a lot less than it did when it was brand new. Possibly because it softened up.