Attention: Beware The Moca Fakes!

  1. [​IMG]

    Please be super careful about what's offered on eBay at the moment :tdown: I was shocked to find this. Last time I checked MOCA fakes didn't look THAT real, but this fooled me at first glance :push:
  2. I just bought one :tdown: Thankyou to Mara for PMing me and letting me know that it is fake :heart:
  3. that sucks! FIY Groom fakes are really real looking too be careful I saw a purse the other day they only thing that gave it away to me was I know they didn't make it in that colour

  5. OMG... i could not tell if its fake...:wtf:
  6. I sure hope this isn't the one you bought! :sad:
  7. Hi, yes it is but I havent paid yet, the seller just e-mailed me asking for payment and giving me the payment method because I wanted to use a different one. So I will not be paying, no way
  8. Good on you! Am really glad to hear that. :flowers:

    eBay should cancel the auction anyways when you let them know its a fake!
  9. Hi, yes Im hoping that too, Its soooo shocking how real these look, within seconds of finding it, I had bought it. I thought I had found an amazing deal but to my amazement it wasnt. I really hope no one else gets fooled by these. :flowers:
  10. it looks so real.. what gave it away? one reason why i always buy from boutique despite the price difference.. i'm such a novice in spotting fakes! except for those that are too obvious..
  11. How much did you BIN for?

    I bought the Monogram Agenda and just posted it in the Authenticate This thread cos you know they can always pull a switch and send a different item than the one pictured.

    eBay is getting too shady for my liking but sometimes we really have no choice but to turn to that avenue! :sad:

    And yes the Fakes are getting better, even the MOCA Neverfull bags, I have seen some fakes, and even though the colours of the hands are different, when they use flash, its a totally different story!

    Perhaps you should buy within TPF to be slightly safer. I would when I hit more than 500 posts, and get invited. :p
  12. You're lucky Socialite! :smile: That could have been such a hassle for you.
  13. Hi, I BIN'd for £70 which is like $140, I know this is REALLY cheap and WAY under what the an agenda like this would be at Moca but Im allways usually finding bargains on ebay. My last bargain was a vintage Black EPI Cles for $10, I presumed that this agenda may had been a gift or something. But Im so glad Mara saved me LOL :flowers:
  14. Haha Socialite, can I employ you to help me trawl eBay for good bargains as well?!

    Help me find a Mono Jack and Lucie seller that will ship to Singapore! Totally no luck in that department. :girlsigh:

    That aside, Mara was definitely a god-send! :balloon:
  15. LOL, there was a Jack and lucie on yesturday for $200 BIN, they shipped worldwide but I just looked on ebay and its gone. I remeber because everyone was after them and people would only ship within the USA but this one would ship worldwide. :sad: If I see one again I will PM you :smile: