Attention AWL Fans!

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  1. The all weather leather line is gorgeous, and the bags are very classy-looking and different. I sure don't see a lot of people carrying them, and therein lies the appeal! I want one of the domed zip ones.

  2. always has wonderful specials.

    I just bought a signature hearts wallet from Macy's and I'm going to buy a bag since it's on special very soon.
  3. I'm actually disappointed that all but two awl styles have been moved to the sale section. I hope they aren't getting rid of this line (they have before and brought it back as "all weather leather 2" and dropped that and now it's "all weather leather" again).
  4. maybe (hopefully for them cuz it'll piss me off too) they're just moving the last seasons line to make way for this season? *glares@ dooney* don't u dare take away AWL!