**attention Attention!!!!**

  1. LADIES (and gents) ;)
    I live in Massachusetts and there is a radio program called Ramiro and Pebbles on JAMN 94.5. Well everyday there is a "Ladies Room" topic and today it was "What is your shopping obsession?" Well I called in and GOT THROUGH. I told the ladies that I have an obession for purses and mentioned the Purse Blog and Forum on air. Well they loved it sooo much that they put a link to it ont heir website. I was soooo excited that I just had to share the good news!!! :rolleyes:

    Here is the link to their website: :wlae:
  2. That is cool! Thanks for sharing the Purse Forum.
  3. That's great! :tup:
  4. cool... more people to share the experience and exclusivity of owning a prized purse/bag
  5. Ahaha... wow, that's awesome :biggrin:
  6. Cool, the link is already up! Thanks for sharing! :tup:
  7. Very cool!! Good job girl!!:tpfrox:
  8. Hey Princessa, we're here in RI and always listen to Jammin' 94.5. We love it. Good for you getting through and directing them here to the Purseblog!!!!!
  9. AWESOME!!!:tup: I listen to them every morning!!! Love them~ so funny!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Awesome! I am from MA too!
  11. How fun is that!!!
  12. i live in MA, too!!! WAY COOL!!!!
  13. funny. A radio station in Raliegh has pick your purse for a radio contest. They have really awesome bags all the way from coach, prada, and LV.
  14. Awesome news!
  15. That is soooooooooo cool, way to go....