ATTENTION!! Any Coachie/Biker chic's out there???

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Which bag for the back of a Harley???

  1. Black Leather Hippie

  2. Black/Silver Lurex Signature Groovy

  3. Black/Black OpArt Hippie

  4. Black/Black lurex or Black/Grey signature conv. crossbody

  5. Hampton's Patchwork Crossbody

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I've always wanted to get hubby a Harley Davidson for his 40th b-day. He'll turn 40 on the 13th of March and although it may nt be on the exact DAY of his b-day we are starting to look and plan on purchasing in the next month or so.

    Hubby's now encouraging me to go ahead and find a bag that's suitable for wear while I'm riding on back. I usually carry large bags, and know I'll have to downsize a little on this bag. I think that crossbody makes the most sense and was wondering what you gal's who's hubbys have bikes carry???

    I'll most likely be wearing jeans with black leather boots and either t-shirts, tanks or tube/halter tops. I'm thinking that black makes the most sense for the color of the bag!!!!

    I'm a little torn between the sparkle of some lurex, the appropriateness of black leather or coated canvas for easy clean-up!!!

    Please VOTE, or if you have a different suggestion I'm all ears!!! This would most likely be the ONLY time I carry this bag with the exception of maybe when we go to Mexico again.

    *** I've already considered a back pack and veto'd the idea (as did hubby) and a fanny pack is NOT going to happen!! LOL

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  2. Congrats on the new bike! I voted for the black leather hippie. Sexy biker chick bag IMO :smile:
  3. ita!
  4. Voted for the Lurex, thinking it would be a nice sparkle and something a little less over the top...JMO. =)
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    Last edited: Feb 19, 2010
    i like the poppy bag actually in the black/silver
  6. I would def. get a cross body, you dont want your bag to fly off while your riding lol
  7. FYI - Dark leather is going to be best. There is a lot of sand and dirt that flies at you when you are on a bike and signature will get dirty. I used to wear a dark fuschia pink sig crossbody on my Vespa and it got dirty. I remember at one point having a cream colored leather wristlet too that I would cinch onto my little hook in the front of my Vespa and that got dirty.
  8. I used to have a bike. I put my bag in the saddle bag.
  9. You need a black ABBEY! It's in Baglady's avatar. HOT bag.

    My DH & I have Harleys and I never use a purse.
  10. Black Leather Hippie -such gorgeous and soft bag..

    It will go well with your outfits and your Hello Kitty Tattoo-LOL
  11. DH and I have a Harley... it's awesome!! I'm getting ready to get my own bike soon :yahoo:I would pick the black leather bag out of those, but honestly something smaller is going to work better. I would pick a swingpack or do what I do: I have a Zoe capacity wristlet that I keep in the saddlebag or hook it through my chaps like a fanny pack lol.
  12. Studded sabrina ;)
  13. I like the idea of cross body, but don't actually think any of those would work all that well. I'm afraid signature would get dirty, and the Parker leather is super soft as it is and I'm afraid it would get damaged. Maybe one of the cross body HS hobos? I know you had the pink one and got rid of it, but I just think that coated canvas makes the most sense and it would be the only bag I'd be brave enough to carry :yes:
  14. I'd got with the black leather Hippie.
  15. I ride my own, along with passenger to my hubby from time to time. I take minimal belongings with me, all of which go in the saddle bags. Personally, I'd say just get something you really like (probably black leather with lots of hardware) that looks good after you get off the bike and stash it in the saddle bag. It will be the most comfortable and you won't have to worry about damaging your badass bag. Just my two cents.