Attention all SoCal PF's!

  1. Another meeting is in the works, but there haven't been that many replies to show interest. I am thinking that maybe the info was buried on another thread.

    Time frame is on a weekend, after mid-June sometime. The meeting place would be closer to LA this time~~Rodeo Drive, Beverly Center, Melrose? How fun would that be?!?

    PM Pseub ASAP if you are interested in getting on the email loop to receive info on the next outing, and so she can see what type of interest there is.

    Hope to see lots of you there! :yes:
  2. Wheeeee!! Can it be before June 20th, bc that's when I move back to the Bay Area after graduation :cry: Hope to see you one last time! :heart:
  3. I'm not sure what date is in the works yet....but I hope we can! Oh wait....I'm going to be out of town the next two weekends! :cry:
  4. i can make any weekend at the moment...I just need sometime to save my pennies... : )
  5. oh fun! keep me in the loop!
  6. anyone who is interested can pm either Pseub or myself and we will start working on a date.
  7. I'd be interested - my schedule is super crazy though this summer with a teenager who isn't old enough to drive yet thoough!
  8. Bumping this up! :biggrin: Come on, let's make it a big group! :yes:

  9. it's the end of the month... it's still happening?
  10. Yes, I am pretty sure! Just make sure that you PM'd Pseub so she can keep you on the updated list.

    Last I heard, it was to be sometime in July.

    Considering this heat...we might want to consider an indoor mall out in the LA area. :P
  11. mmm i may have to opt out on this one.. i've been insane crazy at work... =[
  12. Possible dates: weekend of 7/8-9, 7/15-16 or 7/22-23.

    Let me know what days/times work for you. We're currently looking at either Beverly Center or Rodeo Drive.
  13. 7/15-7/16 is the only weekend I'll be able to make. Hopefully that will work with everyone! :yes:
  14. I am available anytime the weekend of 7/8-9 and 7/22-23.

    I will be out of town 7/15-16. :sad:
  15. ^ Oh no!