Attention all Purple Lovers! Another Yummy Violet!!

  1. Here is my violet from Aloharag!! I was getting soooo worried that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on one! Thank GOODNESS that I happended to check my email right when the notification went out. As other posters have said, this color is hard to photograph. It changes color a lot depending on the lighting. I can't wait to break it in.:yes: I am so :yahoo:!!

  2. Love It, Love It, Love It!!!!
  3. GORGEOUS! I love the Violet with regular hardware. I think the color is bright enough to stand alone. Your leather is reallllyyyyyy gorgeous! Some of my bags that have had the best leather ever have come from Aloha Rags. Congratulations, she is a real beauty!:tup:
  4. Beautiful Violet!!! Enjoy her!!!
  5. beautiful !! :drool::drool:
    The leather is TDF!! Congratss !!!
  6. :yahoo: Congrats!!! You got one!!!! I love it in the RH's perfect! Enjoy!!!:love:
  7. Yay!!! Another gorgeous Violet City! I love mine too, it looks great with Black this year and gray:yahoo::yahoo:
    Enjoy it!
  8. That is SUPER gorgeous! And that leather! *gasp!*
  9. Thanks everyone!!

    I wear a TON of black and grey in the winter and that is exactly what I am planning on wearing it with! Trying to branch out into more winter clothing colors . . . but can't seem to do it . . . that is a topic for a different discussion though!
  10. gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your new violet!
  11. I love the color! Makes me want to get a bbag ;)
  12. So pretty!!! :love: Love it!!! I've been using mine since the day I got it. Congrats! :yahoo:
  13. you purple people are killing me. this is my favorite color.
  14. Another gorgeous Violet! The leather on all the Violets seems fanastic - I hope mine is as lovely when it arrives :graucho:

    Congrats iluvhandbags!!! :yahoo:
  15. Gorgeous!!!!!!!! I'm loving it in the city style as well!!!! Congrats congrats :smile: