1. MINNIE!!!!! I tried calling you and you didn't answer, please let me know your okay!

    CALLMELULU Let me know your okay.

    Last night we had torrential rainstorms and this morning we had our first tornado in Brooklyn!

    Houses were damaged and cars were turned over. There are unnumbered people who are hurt according to the news stations. There are about 2300 residents without an power or water services.

    Down my house we had about 10 ft of water by our cooper ave bridge and and senior citizen was found drowning. May she rest in peace.

    Please let us know your okay.

    Heads up and I will keep you in my prayers all day.
  2. HUH??????????omg!!!!!!!!!
    I gotta turn on the TV..I had NO CLUE and Im IN NJ!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, because no one ever expects this to happen here.
  4. OMG, prayers to all you're OK!!!
  5. info:
    NEW YORK (CNN) -- Strong winds and heavy rainstorms wreaked havoc on the transit system in the Big Apple on Wednesday and delayed flights at two major airports in the region.
    [​IMG] Strong storms brought down a tree onto an SUV in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday morning.


    Flash flooding warnings were briefly issued in New York City and surrounding areas after a strong thunderstorm moved through around 7 a.m., dumping up to 3 inches of rain in less than an hour over Manhattan and western and central Long Island.
    The extreme weather caused delays of up to an hour-and-a-half at JFK International Airport and at LaGuardia International Airport. Although some roads around LaGuardia were still flooded, the runways have not been affected, a Port Authority spokesman said.
    At one point, a tornado warning was issued for an area that included JFK Airport. No tornado damage was reported, however. JFK reported 3½ inches of rain.
    The flooding has disrupted service for commuter trains and the metro as well.
    "Due to severe flooding throughout the subway system, there are extensive delays on all subway lines," said a statement from the Metro Transit Authority (MTA). "Customers are advised when at all possible to use bus service."
    PATH train service across northern New Jersey and the Newark Light Rail system was also disrupted

    PSEG electric provider in New Jersey reported about 1,500 scattered power outages because of rain and wind, and Con-Ed reported 2,600 outages in New York City and West Chester because of the storms.
    In Brooklyn, a tree toppled into an SUV, crushing it and ripping up the concrete sidewalk as it went down.

    "I saw the tree coming down and I ran back inside," said one man who had gone outside when his car alarm starting sounding.
    "It sounded like a freight train coming through," he added. "I never thought this would happen in Brooklyn... Kansas maybe, but not here."
    The day is not looking to get any better. A heat advisory remains in effect for the New York City metro area today.

    The combination of high humidity from the morning rainfall and high temperatures in the afternoon in the 90s will create heat indices around 100 degrees.
  6. ^^ thanks grrl
  7. OMG! Where have I been? I need to turn on the news
  8. CNN has not updated. There was a tornado this morning. Gotta watch the news.
  9. I pray they are all ok.
  10. OMG! Turning on the news right now!! I hope everyone is okay!!
  11. OMG I had no idea!!!! That is amazing, a TORNADO?! Wow. I really hope everyone is ok!!!! I really hope nobody was hurt. My thoughts are with the NY residents!!
  12. NEW YORK.- Mayor Michael Bloomberg in press conference directly from Brooklyn early today said that 40 homes and 200 cars were damage in possible tornado in Brooklyn.

    At least one thousand first responders are on scene at the moment assessing the damage done by strong storm which started at 4 a.m.

    FEMA has said that they will give aid to those residences who have been hit hard from storm.

    There is one reported fatality during this storm in the area.

    Reported among that damage was a partially-collapsed building at 58th Street and 6th Avenue in Sunset Park. Several trees crushed cars and roads were blocked. A woman on Narrows Avenue reports a tree that would rival the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree was uprooted on her block. There were some power outages reported in the area. That's bad news as it will be a hot and humid afternoon in New York City. The temperatures could climb to over 100 degrees.

    Hope everyone in that area is ok....:sweatdrop:
    i just heard lots of rain and thunder...
  13. oh, my...i hope everyone is ok...please let us know.
  14. Oh dear! This must be so unexpected. So sorry.
  15. Gee's, we needed rain but we didn't need the bucket poured on us! I just got home, as ShopMom would say *Thundering Jesus* My basement is flooded.

    This is when I tell myself "I need a man in the house"