Attention all online Savvy SS shoppers

  1. Hey all, Savvy just responded:

    Dear [blank] -

    We just saw this email and your posts on our Facebook page and are EXTREMELY concerned about this accusation

    Please immediately forward us the email that you received with everyone's credit card information.

    Thank you!

    All my very best,

    If you guys have any other names, please send to Savvy ASAP, as I know there were differing lists out there. Hopefully this is resolved soon.
  2. I'm forwarding my email to her right now.
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    Just read that there has been a post made on Savvy's Facebook of unauthorized purchases made on someone's compromised CC.... This just keeps getting worse.

    Please ladies, if you have any doubts, just cancel the card and have them issue you a new one!
  4. Confirmation by Savvy?

    I don't know how I feel about their reaction or you ladies corresponding with them. They should have a copy of any emails sent out in their email folders.
  5. ^^Just changed my post. NOT Savvy, sorry....someone who posted on their Facebook.
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    And yes, you're so right that they should have copies of the emails they sent out in their own SENT items box. Why are we having to do extra work by forwarding the messages to them when it is THEIR fault??
  7. ^^I completely agree Cheryl, I don't know any email system where the person who sent it can't just look at their sent box. This company is ridiculous!
  8. Sounds like some b.... maybe deleted the emails to cover their ass out of the sent files. This is SUCH BS.
  9. That, and email isn't the securest form to send info in the first place. Why keep circulating this information online?

    A proper response from Savvy wouldn't have been so accusatory themselves, but rather, "we are looking into this problem aggressively and immediately." And oh, I don't know, perhaps an apology for all of this??

    Again, if Nicole sent the email with the cc info, why is Nicole now asking for a copy of the email? Something isn't right here. At all.
  10. WOW! I am SO sorry that even one person is going through this, but an entire <insert number of Savvy followers>?!?!? Which is another reason to check your FB privacy REGULARLY, do NOT post your entire DOB (AND fullname - you'd be surprised what kind of accounts can be opened w/ just this info alone), and never ever ever send personal info via email (e.g. SS, CC#s, pins) through email, unsecured/secured. Always double-check that there is a lock icon in your browser (lower right-hand corner) and make sure that normal transactions that require personal info is secured. Never give your IP address and passwords to anyone untrusted - it is means to let another user from another computer remotely to access your hard drive (e.g. keychained passwords). Likewise, if you have to give a password for whatever reason, CHANGE it as SOON as possible!

    As some folks have said, not only is this a HUGE violation but this is B-A-D! A few of you have made suggestions of getting new cards (a VERY good idea), which is far better then trying to workout stolen identity AND fraudulent purchases (our home has been hit TWICE).

    Good luck all! And again, so very sorry!

  11. I sent CC info before on a sample sale order last year with Treesje and had no issues. I regret thinking Savvy could be responsible enough to handle this appropriately & professionally like Treesje did. I won't make the same mistake twice needless to say.
  12. They are obviously more concerned by the "accusation" on them then people's personal CC details being made public!!
  13. I'm a savvy fan, but this is not good. Not good at all. I'm sorry this is happening to you. This is a big mess that seems like it is going to get a lot bigger before it is resolved.

    Putting the word "accusation" in the email wasn't a good choice of words.

    Amazing how shady some people are that they would use the credit card info.
  14. Ann just got back to me to say they will be issuing a refund for my online order and was apologetic.

    Dear Heath -
    We sincerely apologize for this most regrettable incident.
    As soon as we were made aware of it we fully researched it to determine what happened and who was affected by it.
    Rest assured that your information was not compromised in anyway. We are taking steps to immediately rectify the matter.
    We will process your refund as per your request.
    We wish you the happiest of Holidays!
    All our very best,
    Ann & The Savvy Team
  15. soooooooo irritated. my anger is boiling over. im so sorry youre not getting you stuff heathie :heart: