Attention all online Savvy SS shoppers

  1. Cheryl, is my name in there? You can PM me :smile: thanks!
  2. I have sent Savvy three emails letting them know that I want them to cancel my order. Lamb needs to cut ties with this company.
  3. PM'd ya. :smile:
  4. isnt the info out there the info LA lambies had to email to Savvy and not from the orders trough the SS website?
    cause the only way you could pay the online SS was trough paypal, and paypal cant give them your CC info... its hidden and paypal confirmed its legit

    so i think the info from the ppl who sent their email, with top5 list of bags they would love etc to Savvy included CC info and thats what is out there?
  5. wow.. just wow. that is ridicolous. I am raging for you guys right now, it's just not on. Things don't happen like that by accident, seriously. It's not that hard to double check and email before it's sent out.
  6. Lambies, I can't even believe this. Savvy has taken it way to far now. I'm disgusted with them. I hope no one gets screwed with their CC's.

    Also, can someone let me know if my name is on that list please? I never heard back from these people but, I still gave them my cc info. I seriously wish I hadn't.

    PM me please!
  7. sister, megan, is on the fricking list....thanks guys for posting this. ill let her know to cancel her card. so so horrible.
  8. Thanks for making a whole new thread about this. I guess I should of done it. My best advice is if you received that email you might just want to call your cc company and get it reissued, just to be on the safe side. What a nightmare this all has been.
  9. wow, I'm really sorry for all of you, I would be a wreck if it were me.
  10. I cant believe this. I went ahead and canceled my cc but now Im pissed cause I get payed next week and was going to go xmas shopping with it so now I cant use it to shop online whatever Ill figure something out. I dont get how this happened wouldent you have to copy and paste to get eveyones info on one page I mean Im sure they didnt so that put I dont see how this could happen.
  11. From what I can tell, those who should be IMMEDIATELY concerned about a breach of CC info are:

    *Those who were not part of the original Facebook list with Savvy (where you directly PM'd them with your email and name and received directly from them an order matrix and instructions).
    *Those who received the Savvy email for the order with the bag matrix forwarded to them from someone else but NOT received directly from Savvy.
    *Those who did not receive confirmation of bags being pulled and that an order will be placed OR who received an email stating that their order request will not be honored.

    Those who were on the original Facebook email distribution, who received an email for an order directly from Savvy and who received confirmation that their order request will be granted may not have so much to be concerned about, but there is no way of knowing this for sure.

    ANYONE who is concerned about their credit card info, regardless of emails, no emails, orders, no orders, etc., should consider contacting their financial institution and have the card cancelled.

    AT MINIMUM, you should be vigilantly monitoring your account for unauthorized charges (well, you should be doing this anyway even without the Savvy issue) until you make a decision about the status of your card or until your order with Savvy clears.
  12. ^^GREAT post Kel!!

    Has there been any kind of response from Savvy yet?
  13. I have not received any response yet. I ordered from the online sample sale Thursday night, and due to this fiasco with credit card information. I contacted my credit card company to cancel my card and get another one issued to me. I also sent two emails to Savvy asking them to cancel my order. I do not want to have anything to do with this company anymore. I will just stick to buying LAMB at Off Saks or a department store.
  14. I agree. I just came over here from another board to see if there was any other information. This has been such a headache!! I would encourage everyone to cancel their card either way, don't wait to be a victim. It's insane that there's still no word from Savvy.
  15. I checked my email just to make sure and my name was the only name on the list, but im not even sure if it's possible that my info could be sent to others as well. So I'm going to moniter my CC 24/7 for now before I decide to cancel it. I'm so sooo sorry for all of you that are affected by Savvy's horrible mistake.