Attention all Moms - or Moms to Be - Stork Sak Diaper Bag...same as Angelina's

  1. I just got this in the mail. I wanted a little bit bigger of a diaper bag so I could fit more of my DD's stuff when we have longer trips. I got this today - it's the Stork Sak Gigi bag, the same that Angelina carries. Very roomy and large! I recommend for new moms...and also very stylish! Not that expensive it was $200 and even came with a dustbag:lol: ! That's funny!

    Here's some photos including the photo from the People Magazine (most beautiful people issue) where she's got the bag:
    angelina_jolie2.jpg IMG_0044.jpg IMG_0045.jpg IMG_0046.jpg IMG_0047.jpg IMG_0048.jpg
  2. That's a great looking diaper bag. Very stylish! Congrats!
  3. I thought she had the LV Mezzo tote?
  4. Addicted: Congrats. =) Thanks for the info, I really like this bag.
    Estherriver: Agree. =)
    Beauxgoris: She's often seen with LV Mezzo tote. When she's spotted carrying Stork Sak Diaper bag, many ppl tried to find out its brand.
  5. Thank you so much for posting this bag, addicted! I have been on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag and I think you (and Angelina) found it! I have 2 kids (infant and toddler) and I am always rummaging thru the bags to find their things. This stork bag looks awesome because it's so compartmentalized. I love that! Thanks for this thread-you saved me from growing so many more gray hairs :lol: :roflmfao: ;)
  6. BooYah - You're welcome. I'm always in the market for a great diaper bag. I do love this one the best. Usually I carry the skip hop..but it's kind of small for longer day trips, and I don't have room for anything of mine. This bag is kind of like the blake. It's got a middle and two side compartments. Everything zips shut.

    This bag is hard to find. I was on a waiting list with another company - since Angelina carried it, it's been selling out. I found a co. that just got a shipment in this week. They shipped fast!

    Go get one! Comes in pink, blue and some other pattern. I like this one the best!
  7. The skip-hop? I guess I'll have to check that one out too. Thanks!

    Yes, I googled the Stork Sak and Tutti Bella came up. I saw they were out of the chocolate bag though. I have a boy and a girl so I want to get the choc color. I guess i'll have to wait until more stock comes in.

    Thanks again!
  8. Wow - that was fast. They just got shipment in on Monday 5/8.

    The skip hop is a lot smaller.... This is what I have but in black:

  9. Cute bag! Maybe I'll get that when I'm on the run with them during the day. Thanks, addicted!
  10. BooYah,

    You can also buy it directly from I just sent mine back -- the shoulder straps were too long for me. I'm still using my SkipHop when I need to carry a diaper bag. Otherwise, I just use one of my Balenciagas. Good luck!
  11. Storksak is backordered until June too. I just tried to get one for my friend.
  12. Those of you who want compartmentalized diaper bags might also look at I like the stork sak and I think the owners are great,(I bought a bag directly from them) but this is another option. The sparkability people carry stork sak contact them directly and maybe they can get the bag you want
  13. Thanks, shopper_girl8! I'm just sorry the straps did not work out for you-on the other hand, I like the look of that strap-length :amuse:
  14. kathleen, thanks for the info on the henna becca bags-not bad for another diaper bag option! And I love the colors! When I get a chance, might call sparkability to check if they carry the storksak Gigi bag.

    Thanks, guys!!!!