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  1. Help me MJ experts!! I just bought a Venetia calfskin leather in Hazelnut color..does this color ever exist? It looks authen. but it doeisn't have the zipper pocket inside ..only flap pocket.

    Let me know please..I'm dying to know if I got the real deal . This is my first MJ purse so I don't know..It comes w/ price tag and bar codes and everything.

    I also got the Julia bag in off-white color w/ Neiman tag still attached. It has an off-white dust bag also. The only thing that puzzled me is the stamped Marc Jacobs above the Made in Italy inside the zipper lining. Is this correct?

    I'm eternally greatful if you can help me w/ these 2 questions.
  2. Hazelnut was one of the Resort 2005 colors for Quilted line (Venetia, Blake, Cammie, Hobo Banana, Amanda, Satchel, etc).

    I saw all 3 variations of Venetia at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island a few days ago:
    1. zipped pocket only
    2. flap/pouch pocket only
    3. zipped pocket (front of bag) AND flap/pouch pocket (back of bag)
    There's a thread on this topic:

  3. There are two auctions on ebay that are listed as hazelnut... I can't confirm that this color was actually made, but the two listings are both quilted and a dark tan color. Both look authentic but I'm not 100% sure.
    eBay: Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Large Hobo Banana (item 180034548457 end time Oct-08-06 21:11:04 PDT)
    eBay: *NWT 100% AUTH MARC JACOBS HAZELNUT CLUTCH WALLET $425* (item 270035547339 end time Oct-07-06 06:59:01 PDT)

    I'm not sure what you're referring to about the Julia bag. I know some members have this particular style, perhaps if you elaborate that will help.
  4. Wow, did you notice any correlation of pouch/zipper for the Venetia style/season?
  5. Thanks for the help...but my bag is not "quilted" leather line..just regular calfskin. Maybe is outdated color? I don't think I can go to sleep tonight until I've found my answer..I bought 2 purses from the same seller.
  6. The Jeulia bag I've got is off-white tote bag..right below the zipper inside the bag there's a gold Marc Jacob lettering sw/ Made in Italy. It's lined w/ canvas and Marc Jacob logo. I wish I'm more computer savvy so I can upload the pictures for you to see.
  7. do you have a link to the auctions? or photos, either way will help us figure it out.
  8. 150041049177-ebay and 150040243569[​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Certain colors are made for both Soft Calf and Quilted lines in the same season (for example, Fall 06's Black/Emerald/Graphite/Whiskey). For Resort 2005, I am sure that Denim and Black were made for both lines (personally saw styles from both). For Hazelnut, I only saw several quilted styles but I wouldn't be surprised if it was also made for Soft Calf line as well.

    Ran's Amanda in Hazelnut:
    KeyKey's Cammie in Hazelnut:
  10. I believe those details are correct, maybe, Julia owners can confirm. =)
    Authentic Julia looks like this:
    eBay: N&Auth Marc Jacobs Julia Zipper Off White Tote Bag (item 160037048584 end time Oct-04-06 22:14:21 PDT)

    Certain lines (Striping line including Hudson) have those 2 lines stamped onto the leather portion of the bag.

    Hudson from Striping line (source: ebay/Classygal2004):


  11. I was in Venetia heaven that day, there were so many varieties: Quilted and non-quilted, gold and silver hardware, antiqued and shiny gold hardware, icy and calf, etc... LOL. I'm getting old and so forgetful lately, let me try to remember. =)
  12. Post the info (style number, color, etc) from Venetia's tag. From the pictures in the listing, I'm sure that the color's not Whiskey (a lot darker in real life). The page mentioned the seller ending the listing early b/c of errors (wrong color listed)?

    If you want to get the bags authenticated, you can post the item numbers in Authenticate This MJ.

  13. they both look good to me, but to be certain i would need better pics of the sides of the zipper pulls and such.
  14. I think the Julia is real, but the I'm on the fence about the Venetia... The photo quality is bad, too close up and some are blurry.. If you have better photos available, that will help.
  15. Thanks for helping..appreciated. Actually, I did a little research on the internet for 5 hours..trying to find the Venetia in Hazelnut color. Finally, I typed in Marc Jacobs c3530(style #) and there it Japan. I couldn't read in Japanese but I saw the price of 115,000 Yen (on sale). I did a little money conversion and the amount came out $975. I guess Marc Jacobs made the same purse but in different colors for deifferent country. I didn't even know that. The Julia is real though.
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