Attention all Legacy owners !!

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  1. Do you find that the leather gets kind of slouchy after you have used it for awhile. I am curious because the Mandy seems to be so structured and the shoulder bag looks like it should kind of slouch in the middle. I bought the Ali and wonder if it will get that way also and if it will look okay if it does.
  2. Yep- my Legacy Shoulder in Whiskey was purchased online in December and it has decided to "relax" like this.........I STILL REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE IT THOUGH-------------totally amazing leather smell!!![​IMG]

  3. I haven't found that the leather satchel slouches very much. I think it's just the way the bag is structured. But the leather has definitely relaxed.
  4. I only have the Legacy shoulder bags and yes, they do become softer and slouchier over time. Hopefully, your Mandy will do the same.
  5. Also check out the celebrities and coach thread. Sanaa Lathan has a black leather Mandy Courier on post #408 that looks like it's slouching.
  6. My Ali is already softening up with use and slouching a bit more. I love it!
  7. My whiskey shoulder bag is definitely slouchy, as is the plum suede one (though not as much). My pond one hasn't gotten as much use (yet), but is a bit more slouchy than it was when I first got it.
  8. I'm curious to see how my top zip will turn out.
  9. My legacy leather satchel has softened a bit and become more slouchy, though it is still box-shaped overall.