Attention all College Students.

  1. Question.:confused1:
    My High School Senior will be starting college in the fall. Any suggestions for a bag to carry her laptop?
    She has a black medium Carly and I was wondering if the large Carly would hold a laptop?
    Suggestions to compliment her Carly?....she will probably want to carry both. I'm concerned about straps digging into her shoulders. Thoughts and suggestions?
    Thanks ladies.:smile:

  2. I'd actually suggest the multi-stripe multifunction tote or the multi-stripe big messenger style bag because they're cute and functional and you can fit a laptop into both-- then again I love the multi-stripe! :heart:
  3. Wow, she's lucky to have you as a mom!
    How about a different bag? maybe a katy, eva xl or a hamptons stripe satchel, sig tote or the multi-stripe tote? I'm recommending the bigger bags because I'm figured she'll want to carry other stuff with her laptop.
  4. She actually paid for her own Carly.:yes:
    She will pay for half of her tote as well.:supacool:
    The Katy I like that suggestion!!! It's cute and will match her black bag.

  5. Good girl!!!

    Is the Katy sturdy enough to hold a laptop and other things? I've never seen one IRL. My first thought would go to a multi-function tote or a messenger.
  6. Coach has some bags designed to hold laptops (with padding, etc), I'd check those out. I've seen too many smashed laptops in flimsy leather and fabric bags in college and grad school!
  7. the multifunction tote would be best.

    i have my laptop with me right now and i have the large carly BUT its a little too "tall/long" for it. so i can't zip it up and that means NO protection during the rain. I am sure she can fit it into the multi function tote, plus it has nice soft handles that will be easy on her shoulders if she has a lot to carry.

    EDIT: also get her a smaller case to just hold the laptop in while its in the bag. My macbook has the hardcover case on it so its fine but i also have a smaller fabricy type thing that i can use as well.
  8. Wow. Great points Spoiledrotten22 & Vanojr9.
    I'll need to really look into this!
  9. Thanks Batgirl. Soft handles is important for the shoulders and the extra cover!
  10. The signature multi-stripe messenger bag really would be ideal, have a look below. I had one similar to it in college and it was ideal for my laptop and holds books and whatnot as well, but is very comfy and provides protection for everything in it.
  11. Not a big fan of the multi-stripe.:shrugs:
    I'll look into a similiar bag without the multi-stripe.:yes:
    Thanks for the heads up, Sarah.
  12. Well, I graduated from college quite a few years ago... but I figured I would comment since I do carry laptops around everyday. :O)

    I have one of the messenger style computer bags (from the Transatlantic collection I think) and it is GREAT for my standard laptop... but my new widescreen doesn't fit in there!

    I originally bought the Katy to use as my new work/computer bag and although I LOVE it and it does hold a lot, I didn't want to destroy "her" with everyday use. So I just bought a new Hampton's multifunction tote (black with blue) and I love it. It is large enough to carry both of my laptops, file folders, and my agenda and there is space to fit my power cords and "stuff" too... I can zip the top too.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Good luck with your purchase. I am sure she will love whatever you decide.
  13. I've got the same multifunction tote and it's great!!

  14. That's right, those hamptons multifunction totes are fabulous and might just be perfect if you're not into the multi-stripe!
  15. I carry my saptop everyday in my Hamptons Business Tote. It does hold a laptop and I would say 1 or two books depending on how big they are.

    One tip I have, The "baby" bags really do double as a laptop bag. American express calls them laptop bags (cause of the diaper changing cushion that wraps around the laptop) and even list them in their Rewards advertisements. Maybe she would like one of them, some of those are very comfortable.