Attention All Classic Chanel Handbag Owners!

  1. I have a quick question.

    On the inner flap in the classic flap handbags, what does the snap read?

    I mean like, when you open the bag, theres another flap right, and then that one has a snap closure.
    What is stamped into the snap? If anything at all.

    Please let me know!

  2. Mine doesn't have anything on the snap. It's just a plain gold snap.
    There's a large CC logo embroidered onto the leather itself underneath the snap when you open it up though.
  3. I'm looking at buying a classic chanel handbag...

    The snap on the inner flap has printed in it flox in tiny letters or something along those lines. The bag does look authentic though, to my knowledge and apparently and according to the receipt it says its from 1995 and the serial number starts with a 3, so im assuming that is correct. I just want to be a million percent sure, however you never know a snap on a bag could always have been repaired...

    anyways....yeah so if anyone else could let me know. and this one isn't a magnetic snap.
  4. Mine is from this year and it has nothing at all on the pointy part. Post pics on the authenticate forum, they might be able to help you, they know a lot about Chanels.
  5. It's not on the part with the little snappie thing it's the round thing that u snap that into!
    So hard to explain!
  6. If you have pics, I recommend posting in authenticate forum. but to answer your questions FLOX is the name of the snap that Chanel uses. It could also be the Italian name (don't remember it). The year seems approximately right for a 3-series bag.

    Again, I recommend posting pics to authenticate thread and having the experts take a look. Good luck!
  7. I am actually sitting here looking at my white caviar classic flap bag and the snap on the inner flap reads "Chanel Paris" around the female part of the snap.

    Another words the female part of the snap being the receiving portion of the snap, whereas the male portion of the snap has the stem. So-to-speak. hehehe.

    The male portion saids / reads nothing. No comment...hahaha LOL!!

    I purchased this bag from Chanel Beverly Hills so I know it is real.

    Hope that helps.