Attention all Chicago TPFers!

  1. Hey girls... I knew I had to post this as soon as I saw...:tup:

    This week, I was in my favorite secondhand store, the Brown Elephant, in Oak Park. Many of you have probably seen my posts about this place before, and how they get tons of NWT overstock from stores like Nordie's Rack and Filene's, etc... Brown Elephant is actually a Chicago thrift shop chain, although the other locations in the city never seem to have anything good... ANYHOW...

    The B.E. recently hosted a charity designer handbag auction to raise funds for the no-cost clinic they support. I didn't get to go to the actual auction, but fortunately for me, they unloaded all the "leftover" bags in their Oak Park shop. :nuts:

    They had a Lambertson Treux for $75, an Escada for $125, a Gucci for $200, etc. There were about 5-6 different bags when I was there this week. They also had a bin filled with brand-new, non-designer, (but still really cute), pastel leather handbags for $10 a piece! And... they had designer clothes too. I got a Marc Jacobs top for $7.00 and a Cacharel sweater for $12.00. :yes:

    If you're in the neighborhood, I highly recommend you hightail it over there ASAP! :yahoo: You can get there via the blue line eL, just get off at Austin, go a block north to Harrison, then walk about 3-4 blocks west and you'll see it... And if you happen to notice a short, brunette girl in a Lake Forest College hoodie lurking around... Come say "Hi" to me :lol:
  2. Thanks for posting!
    Oak Park is not very far from me at all so I will definitely have to check this store out!
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. Man, I was just visiting Chicago last week and I'd never heard of this place! Next time I'll visit I'll go there for sure!
  5. Which style Gucci bag and were there any good clothes left?
  6. Wow, sounds great! I've always gone to the Brown Elephant on Milwaukee (it's really close to a store that buys clothes, so I always go and donate what they don't take to the B.E.), I'll have to go check yours out sometime!
  7. I'm not sure the style name, but it was a small black patent square... probably not one of this year's designs, but still quite pretty and classic. :yes:

    They still had some very nice designer clothes available when I was there. Some of them were pretty high-priced, (a Chanel skirt for about $350, for example), although still quite a bit cheaper than retail prices.

    And as I said before, they often get overstock from department & discount stores, so make sure to check the regular clothing racks. (Yes, you'll have to wade thru a lot of craptastic stuff, but it's worth it to pull out a treasure!) They get new stuff every few days. I'll be back there this weekend, so I'll post an update afterwards. :flowers:
  8. Ok, I figured I'd send out an update, since I just went back to B.E. today, and I've been getting some PM's about this thread.

    The Gucci bag is gone :sad: The store manager told me that someone walked in and stole it! How pathetic is that? There are still a few purses left, but they got in a huge shipment of shoes! There are Tod's, Thierry Mugler, Coach, and Donald Pliner's.

    PM me if you want anymore info! :yes:
  9. Thanks so much for the info. I really want to check it out tomorrow...same location as before??
  10. Alright so I visited the store however...I was so disappointed. They didn't have any of the shoes you were talking about and the clothes were not anything good. The only good thing was my bf got a pair of Gucci loafers for $50! I guess I got there too late.