Attention All Babylone Owners!!!

  1. Is the mono canvas on your babylone dull compared to other LV bags? I just purchased a babylone from eBay and I love it (as I knew I would). But I had the purse next to my other pieces (speedy, batignolles and musette) and noticed that the mono canvas was not as "lush" and "shiny" on the babylone as it was on the other bags. I don't know if this is b/c of the bag style or other (hopefully not fake)!!! Here are some stats on the bags:

    - Babylone: made in 2001/bought on eBay (never used - stored in dust bag)

    - Musette: made in 2005/bought on eBay (used lightly -stored in dust bag for last year)

    - Batignolles: made in 2006/bought at LV store (used lightly - stored in dust bag when not in use)

    - Speedy: made in 2007/bought at LV store (rarely used - stored in dust bag when not in use)

    Please help!
  2. I have a Babylone, a Petit Bucket and a Trocadero and I find the mono canvas to be just as lush and shiny on all of these bags. Maybe the Babylone that you picked up on e-bay had been treated with some kind of protector that may have dulled the natural sheen of the canvas. Just a thought, let's see what the real experts say.
  3. My babylone is just as "shiny" and pretty as all my other LV bags. Can you scan a picture? Do you suppose it's dusty? Try lighty going over the monogram part (not the vachetta) with a baby wipe and see if that helps.
  4. I'll get some pics up. If you have pics of your babylones please post as well. I need to stop buying from ebay b/c I freak out! But this was such a great deal!