Attending special events (not Hermes) but with H bag

  1. Not that I have been attending any special events of late but I have noticed in posts here, as well as pictures in high society magazines that women will attend special functions with their Hermes when it's not a Hermes event. Be it Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Dior etc.

    Of course you are free to choose what bag to bring but it set me thinking. If you are a VVIP of the other brands as well, wouldn't your SA or store manager of those brands prefer you to wear one of their bags? Is it not a bag faux pas, ignoring the need to wear a bag that represents that brand at such events? I'd thought it's only out of respect that you'd want to do that?

    I speak this from experience - Toyota was my client when I was still working. And it's very clear that we have to respect the company's ethos and my bosses had to ditch their other cars at home and only drive their Toyotas to see the bosses at the Toyota offices. Maybe cars and bags are 2 completely different and cannot be compared.
  2. Mrssparkles, I feel this is a very valid and important question....and you kind of have to play each instance by itself, wouldn't you think?

    We have several car dealerships as our customers too and we try to always be courteous and drive one of their models when calling on them. It never hurts to be diplomatic:smile:

    But, I as to the Hermes and/or other handbags, I would do what you feel you should or want to do. If out of respect or kindness to your SA, you wear "her" brand, then there's nothing wrong with being kind.

    If, however, there are great reasons for wearing a different bag/brand......then......
  3. Well with the Japanese, they would expect you to use their products if you are attending their functions. It's the courtesy thing. Because they in turn, will respect you enough to wear/use your products if they are attending your functions.

    For bags I would do the courtesy thing, because it's such a small thing to do to show respect and be polite. Thus I always use my H bags when I go to my H store. And even more so for functions.

    But for cars? I wouldn't, not even for my client :shrugs: If I have clients in Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Mazda, I can't be expected to own all those cars....not to mention I only drive a certain German make :nuts: :lol:
  4. Most people blend brands - unless it is a launch just for the purses, why not carry a H bag?
    As long as something you are visibly wearing is from that company...
  5. misspiggy, regarding cars .... a director was dropped from the Toyota account because he only wanted to drive his BMW to meetings. And it's not like he can hop over to the BMW account without leaving the firm. (competitor brands do not typically use the same service provider so as to protect their privacy and competitive edge)

    My then MD had to make that call because there was apparent although silent disapproval. The mandate that the MD issued after that was, if any staff is not hungry enough for the Toyota account > get out of his face :wtf:
  6. Wait ... but what if the only car you have is a Mercedez or BMW? It'd be unreasonable to expect someone to drive a Toyota to Toyota if that person doesn't have the car.:push:
  7. If I go to a Chanel event, I take a Chanel bag. It's part of the esprit de corps. If there's no Chanel bag, then maybe a low key anonymous (H) clutch. I agree it shows respect to not flaunt the competition. Kind of like wearing a Harvard T-shirt to a Yale party...
  8. There was an interview awhile back in U.S. Vogue where Andre Leon Talley helped Melania Knauss shop for her trousseau in anticipation of her wedding to Donald Trump. He tried to encourage her not to necessarily synchronize her outfits with the respective designers for each fashion show they attended, but instead of being "young and hip", Melania was described as being "polite and respectful" by sticking to the old tradition of respecting the designer by wearing their attire when attending their show. I agree with this approach provided you already own the items in question. While I can respect the need for individualism I do think it's nice to show a little respect if you're attending an event and already own the label's apparel, handbag or whatever it may be.
  9. Yes, it's matter out of respect to carry the labels' bags to the event. MrsS, it doesn't have to be bags. For me, let's say Chanel event, I'll wear Chanel dress but I'll carry a H kelly elan & put on Jimmy Choos & Cartier jewelry. The SAs don't mind as long as you buy something from the event before you leave. Many understand birkins/kellys are the Rolls-Royce of bags and no one can deny that.
  10. That's also my point exactly. Being professional and polite and all that is expected on the job of course, but directing what car you drive is a bit ....:shrugs: but I guess stranger things have happened. This would be in Asia where MrsS is I guess, whereas in USA we would sue that MD or the company! :p And what if you buy a Toyota and then get retrenched somewhere down the line :confused1: That would suck pretty bad wouldn't it :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    But we digress. MrsS was talking about bags and functions. And like I said, I would only use H bags for H functions, Chanel bags for Chanel functions, and LV bags for LV functions. That's just the polite thing to do IMHO, but I wouldn't raise any eyebrows if people use other brand name bags - completely in their right to do so. ;)

    I remember inviting a friend who doesn't own any LV bags to an LV private function a couple of years ago. So of course she went with her Chanel. She just didn't have any other bag options :shrugs:
  11. Not only you, I'd be suing too!! :cursing: I know I won't buy another car just because my client owns that brand, UNLESS my company is paying for the said car.:roflmfao:

    I totally agree!
  12. mrssparkles, you are one of my favorite members because you are always so thoughtful and polite! I thoroughly believe it is a sign of respect and camraderie to honor one's friends, associates, clients, or hosts by using their products when one is with them.

    In fact, I made a thread several months ago questioning why Helen Schiffer was always photographed with H bags, when her husband's fortune comes from Le Sportsac. Even though we all understand the appeal of Hermes bags, it somehow seems disloyal not to carry the bag that's making your family fortune.

    I grew up in Michigan, and auto loyalty has always been taken seriously here. My cousin gets a new car everytime he gets a new client. Maybe that seems excessive to some, but he just views it as part of doing business. I think the same goes for the fashion business or any other. It's just the right thing to do.
  13. Of course, when Melania was wearing specific designer outfits when attending their parties, she was "lent" the clothes or given them to wear, just so that the designer got the boldface name publicity in InStyle, Vogue, Marie Claire, or whatever.....
  14. Kou, the scenario that I have described happened in Asia, and the landscape could well be quite different in other parts of the world. Maybe this also applies to bags and events outside of Asia as well (who knows) ....

    As to your specific question, Kou - oh, then don't drive the car. Car pool with another colleague who drives a Toyota, or take the cab. I know we have digressed from the subject of bags and events, but thought it's important to share this bit of information.
  15. mizzle, I likey!