Attending a wedding on Oct 6th - please help my skin looks so dull and lifeless!

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  1. #1 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    OK ladies, please help! I have a wedding to attend on Oct 6-8th and it's going to be a rough one. Why? Because before that I'll be flying in from Asia on a 15 hr trip. I will be MAJORLY jet-lagged, bloated, and most likely constipated because I get that way when I fly for a LONG time.

    Current status of skin NOW: DRAB and looks so lifeless! Any tips to get it in better shape before my flight?

    Monday in the 4th AM: I fly out of China + layover + go to Detroit (home) on he 4th. It'll be a 15 hr trip, thank goodness I'm flying business class. Any tips for keeping my skin in good condition on this flight?

    Tuesday 5th - I will have 1 day to rest (5th), and will probably be a tired wreck...Sleep is probably my best bet? Let's just hope my dress from ASOS fits or else I will have to go shopping. UGH.

    Wednesday 6th - Catch red-eye to San Francisco. Connect in Denver. It'll be a 6 hr flight total. Tired all over again. Get to SF before noon. Try to REST and go to a BACHELORETTE PARTY - I need my skin to look bright here too! It's picture taking time. It will probably be a rough night. Any tips or miracle creams I can use to make me look like less of a tired crack wh*re?

    Thursday 7th - ALL GIRL'S SPA DAY!!!!!! It's a Korean Bathhouse, so what things should I avoid / do? Sauna? Steam?

    Friday 8th - Wedding - need to look fabulous.

    I would appreciate some quick fixes to brighten my complexion up. If it means drinking gallons of water and buying some products, I will!

    ps. I cut meat (but eat fish instead) out of my diet since this past Friday. No particular reason, should I get back on it?
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    ** you don't have to drink gallons of water, just increase your water intake, add a slice of lemon or lemon juice. Now would be a good time to get a facial (light scrub or microdermabrasion w/oxygen is GREAT). So your skin will have almost a week for the redness to calm down.

    ** If you are prone to constipation, increase your fiber intake. that really helps.

    ** be sure you're properly cleansing & moisturizing your skin (I like to do facials w/steam - your face will thank you).

    ** in flight (for long flights) I like to take a little spritzer bottle with filled with water w/rosewater (or even just straight rosewater) to spritz my face every hour or couple of hours adding a bit of moisturizer. no make-up (just mascara and gloss).

    This all I can think of for now, I'll add more tips as they come to me.
  3. Thanks DC! I'm slowly increasing my water intake now.

    Are there any at-home type solutions I can try? I'm wrapping up work now before I leave for the US and I don't even know if I can squeeze in a facial.

    Starting Oct 1, China does on a massive national holiday for over 10 days! Some business stay open, many don't.

    I've heard lemon brightens the skin. Can I do something with that for my face? Like yogurt + lemon juice at-home facial?
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    you can do at home facials (I actually like them sometimes more than going to the dermatologist office).

    adding some baking soda or oatmeal to your cleanser is good for exfoliation.

    take a hot towel and place over face afterwards and moisturize. You can do this daily.

    I've heard that lemon juice works well, but I think you should have started it earlier to see any results.

    don't forget about the rest of your body - exfoliate and moisturize!
  5. I've been reading great things about BB cream, as a skin brightening sort of tinted moisturizer/foundation. I also have a wedding on October 8th and hope that BB cream will be miraculous so that I look bright and happy in the pics and not drab and tired! Hey, if it's good enough for Korean movie stars...
  6. ^ I actually wouldn't recommend BB creams since there will be a lot of photography. It looks great in person but it tends to make me look ghostly and pale in flash photography.

    Staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest, proper face cleansing/ exfoliation and good skincare product is what I would recommend. If possible I usually stay away from wearing any makeup a few days before a major event so that your skin can "breath".

    I haven't tried this but you can use the 6 hour flight time to do a a mini facial yourself. I've seen people using paper mask while on the plane.
  7. what is your beauty regimen now?
  8. When I have an event to go to and I feel like my skin is just blah, I always get a facial...facials just make your skin look so fresh and dewy, plus you can sneak a little nap in while you're being "beautified";)
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Boscia black mask. It makes my skin look fresh and bright.
  11. That's good to know! I was planning to use BB cream with a layer of my regular foundation over the top. I'll let you know how that works out, lol.
  12. Definitely do a good exfoliation with a scrub. I agree with those who said increase your water intake... and add some lemon to your water. Those are great tips!
  13. A good exfoliation, rejuvenation massage, plenty of masks. My teacher highly recommends tomato paste mask , she is a 60 year old woman that looks barely over 35-38. I splash cold water on my skin to keep it tight and aid the blood circulation.

    BTW looking at your blog, you look very good, not at all like you describe it. Maybe you just feel tired and stressed and you have a lack of confidence?
  14. ^ Aawww thanks! Trust me it's not a confidence issue!

    No, it's just I've been hit with a bout of insomnia (I know I know) so now that it's under control, I need to spruce things up a bit! NOT GETTING ENOUGH / GOOD DEEP SLEEP IS THE WORSE. However that's getting a lot better now!

    OK here's my regime.

    1/ Morning - SPF 50 + light moisturizer + loose powder + blush
    2/ Night - Philosophy Retinol treatment + light moisturizer over.
    3/ Cleanse - Clarisonic + foaming gel

    That's about it truly.

    I think I do need to do more face masks. I have a lot of clogged pores + acne scarring (just had my period) nowadays and I feel like my face needs a 'light' peel.
  15. What's the tomato paste mask?

    All I have at home now is a deep cleansing clay mask.