Attempting to scam me... (on ebay)

  1. Geez, what the heck... I was bidding on a amore bambinone (which I ended up not winning, by the way) but I got FIVE different emails from different people all saying that they were the owners of the bag in the auction, and that if I still wanted the bag for my current bid price to email them and arrange payment. I few of the emails had "Question from eBay member" in the subject line, and were made to look like they came from eBay, but when I looked at the email address it was from it was like some random hotmail/yahoo account or something, lol.

    I'm just wondering why I got so many attempted scams for this one item, when this has never happened before.

    Be careful on eBay!!!
  2. Wow, that's assy. I trust you reported them all!
  3. Scary! Maybe they have a line on some of those bags and are trying to sell them without going through ebay or paying ebay fees? Or maybe they just trying to steal your money?
  4. I think they were just trying to steal my money, I doubt they actually have them...

    I don't think I can really report them to anyone because I doubt they are on ebay... Its just someone who got my email address from the auction and emailed me... :sad:
  5. Wow, what the hell eh?
  6. WOW :wtf:!
    it's really scary the extent these a**holes will go to to scam people... luckily we're not that gullible
    i think you should report this to the tPF moderators (Vlad, i think) and also eBay
    At least tPF and eBay can advertise that this is getting more and more out of hand so people should be more aware and careful with transactions
  7. those dern people are ruining our methods of selling :cursing: my bf and i do that with legit stuff but only after auctions have ended... we've done 4-6 transactions that way! EVEN MORE POSSIBLY! I need to warn my bf not to do it much anymore because people might start to report us since there are so many scammers! GRRRR... sometimes eBay fees are too much and on top of that I have paypal fees so we try to get around it with certain items :push: not only that but we use other places to sell our stuff at the same time as well.. POOEY PEOPLE!
  8. ebay sux :yucky:
  9. aww ebay is good for some stuff's just people suck. lol.
  10. I'd report them!!!
  11. If they send you by eBay system, then report them to eBay as fraudulent! They're #$%*& :cursing: