Attempted Scam

  1. I'm not a big time seller. I've probably sold around 20 items total, so I'm a little surprised by this scam attempt! A couple weeks ago, I got a message that an item I had listed was "sold" using BIN by a 0 feedback buyer. Following that message was another one from eBay saying not to ship the item because of potential fraudulent activity. It said that the user who used BIN is no longer a registered user. So basically they created the account and deactivated it after hitting BIN. I figured that maybe they had buyer's remorse and just closed their account after "buying" it. They never submitted a payment prior to the closing of the account. Today I received messages from eBay Resolution Center saying that the buyer opened a case against me for not shipping the item. They must have reopened their account just to do this because I just checked their ID and it's already NARU! Their complaint to eBay said "I've purchased a ***** on eBay which the seller did not ship.I contacted seller a lot but seller never answered.Please refund my money back. "

    Refund WHAT money back??? They never paid!!! And of course, they also NEVER contacted me. The complaint was immediately dismissed in my favor. The NERVE of some people!!!! :nono:

    The user ID is
    dsav09466z if you want to add it to your block lists!!

  2. Wow That's a real scam, Geez!
  3. That is a scam... disgusting & despicable people
  4. the very same thing happened to my boyfriend today! Ebay is slacking! He immediately escalated the case. scary!
  5. How could that even happen without paying for an item?

    This is really scary.

    I hope Paypal fixes this immediately.
  6. Sorry about that. At least you know that this case is pretty black and white leaning 100% towards you. They don't stand a chance to pull a scam with you. Really disappointed with how awful people can be.
  7. Yikes! I don't even know how people come up with the ideas for these type of scams! :wacko:
  8. They're probably filing through eBay (as there would be no PP transaction to dispute), so there's nothing automatic that pops up on eBay to show that no payment has been made. eBay probably has to have a person review it to see that the item was never paid for.
  9. You would think eBay would have some automatic block for filing disputes if an item hasn't been paid for. If the item was paid for through PP then it should show up in eBay (maybe that's only if you use their checkout process though).

    The reason I say that is I had a buyer who finally paid, then tried to file an INR within a day or two of payment (but I had already shipped the item and uploaded tracking info). eBay sent me a message to communicate with the buyer since the buyer had attempted to open an INR but were blocked from doing so since a certain time period hadn't passed yet. Slightly different circumstances but I'm surprised eBay's system even allowed it to happen with a non-payer. :hrmm: So, eBay can block a dispute if it's been paid for but not if it hasn't been paid for? That sounds typical of eBay. :rolleyes:
  10. OMG!! Same thing happened to me once!! I called eBay and the rep was able to help me escalate and then she closed the case once she saw I did all while on the phone!!
  11. Scammers are stupid. I wonder if these even work when there's no payment in the first place?!
  12. Wow, this has happened to me twice this year. I was so pissed because Ebay allowed this fool to open up a case against me when they knew that this person did not pay for it. Is there a way to block people with 0% feedback?
  13. Some people are SO stupid, to be frank. These dumb scammers are dumb...
  14. WEIRD! But... as annoying, wrong, irritating, infuriating as this is... I'm glad it's open and shut in your favor. I mean... seriously. IS there a way to get away with this particular scheme?? I guess if the seller actually ships... :wacko: