Attempted rip off.

  1. So I ordered this bag, the seller told me that is was real, and guaranteed a 100% money back authenticity guarantee, and exchange within 10 days of arrival.
    I got it yesterday, and it was AWFUL. The dust bag was cheap, the logo on it was wrong, it had NO hologram tag on the inside, all it had was a literal sticker stuck to the inside of the lining. How can someone mistake this for the real thing? You'd have to be blind! I didn't even have to ask someone to know that it was fake. :yucky: The seller obviously stole the pictures he/she used from someone else.
    I packaged it right back up, wrote the seller a letter demanding my money back, and thus, I'm sending it back tomorrow.
    OH! But shipping is "non-refundable" HA. What a crock. I want to strangle that person.:boxing:
    So I get to pay $40.00 for looking at a fake bag.
    I am buying a different bag, one that is REAL. I can't decide between the Chanel cambon flats (I found them in my size!!) or a bag. My bf insists that I "can't" get both.
    I thought about buying them both and just hiding the shoes or something for a month or so, and then just be like "BAM" :shame:
    What do you ladies think?
  2. I hate you got a fake. Thats an awful feeling to get ripped off.
  3. Oh Yuck!
    I'm sorry some slimeball cross your path that aweful.
  4. Thats terrible I hate when that happens to people.

    The cambon flats are impossible to find in some sizes...haha like mine for instance. So if you can find them, I'd buy them, and you can always return later, if you really can't have both.
  5. There are three things I want. I'm allowing myself two of them. I'm easing toward the flats and a pair of sunglasses. BUT I sooo want the bag.:confused1: The flats are in my size, authentic, and on eBay they're very gently worn, but the same price as if they were new, which is horrible, but there it is. My bf can't tell me what to do, I'm not even spending HIS money. hmph. I've decided I'm making two purchases and that's that. :shame:
  6. no you should never buy second hand shoes my Mum told me as its unhygienic so I would go for the sunglasses and a bag instead
  7. I agree with Chaelbaby- if you are considering buying from eBay I would advise that you post it on authenticate Chanel section then people would be able to advise you if the Chanel is real and if it is a reputable seller.
  8. I would get both as Chanel is hard to find when you want it.
  9. Did you buy the bag on eBay?

    If you bought the fake bag on ebay, you need to report it to ebay as 'Item significantly not as described' - open a dispute with the seller and tell them that you expect them to also refund you the shipping costs as this is definitely not the same bag as on the photos.... therefore they misrepresented their item and you should be refunded all costs!
  10. great advice neena, and so sorry you got shipped a fake
  11. My bf insists that I "can't" get both.

    I can't stand people who try and tell other people what to do, especially when it's not even their money! I couldn't be with (or near) anyone like that. If you can afford what you want, get it. Sorry about that fake bag though.
  12. ITA!

    and i also agree with chanelbaby...don't buy second hand shoes even if it's worn only once or'll never know what you'll get from it.

    so sorry about the fake bag...that sucks! that's why im afraid to buy from ebay...even if there's a money back guarantee, the hassle and stress that you go through from buying or getting something that's misrepresented is not worth it. and there's the no refund on shipping or restocking fee. geessh! there should be a punishment for people like that!
  13. I agree, but unfortunately, too many young women fall under the control of their bf. If it's your money then spend it how you see fit. I wonder if he consults you on his purchases?
  14. don't ship it back until you have your $.
  15. Sorry to hear that you were shipped a fake! :shocked: