attempted MAC halloween face chart! come look!

  1. this is what happens when you are bored and its halloween!

    so i decided to try the mac halloween face charts! obviously this isnt anywhere near how good the original is, but at least i tried!lol. anyways, it kinda sucked cause i couldnt get the white to show up(i used eyeshadow so it wasnt that visible) and as far as the green goes that was tricky too.In real life the colors were a bit more vivid than in the pics.oh,and also those were the only fake lashes i had and they had rhinestones on them so yea. :biggrin:
    sorry for the big pics and lots of them!!
    i tried looking like the pic lol.I put on this lace top thing i had and a cameo necklace to get that victorian vibe the girl in the pic has. and i made my hair look mussed up :biggrin:

    then these ones are just ones i thought were neat cause i caught the last few minutes of sunlight coming through the window and it gave off a really nice eerie glow
    sorry for so many pics.i was proud of the outcome! :biggrin:
  2. whoa! you did a great job. can you come do mine for halloween?
  3. Very cool. It reminds me of a Tim Burton character like the Corpse Bride or something...

    And I LOVE the lashes!!!!!! :nuts:
  4. AWESOME!!! great job...:yahoo:
  5. Great job!
  6. thanks everyone! :smile:
  7. Okay, this really is a compliment because you did do such a great job - but you TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT with those last pictures and I'm going to have your creepy face in my had all night! :shocked:
  8. That's really cool! Love the lashes!
  9. Wow!! I really like how the lighting in the last pic gave it such an eerie ambiance. Good job!
  10. Oh-Wow! I think you did a really good joB!

    I would have asked you to do my Halloween makeup! ;D
  11. I think you did a good job.
  12. Awesome job!
  13. That's amazing! The last pictures especially were really freaky! I'm planning on trying the zipper eyes one out tomorrow!
  14. Neat! You did a really good job.
    The lighting looks coll in the last few pictures.
  15. Thats awesome!