Attempt to get refund for a fake Prada bag bought on eBay

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  1. Hello,

    I have to confess that I've made the stupidest mistake, i.e., bought a bag without having it authenticated here, and now need to go through the fuzz to get money back.

    Before going into the details, I wish to mention the two questions I have so far.
    1. I suppose you can't retract a feedback on eBay. Is there anything you can do with it?
    2. If I need a document to prove the bag is a counterfeit, where should I go? I remember having read this on tPF somewhere that Prada doesn't do it, but there is a web site or someone on the Internet that could do it?

    So the item in question is a Prada bag listed on eBay at

    I was silly enough to leave a positive feedback on eBay immediately after receiving the bag -- It took a while for the bag to be mailed by the seller from Sweden to Taiwan; I made the payment right after the auction ended on Feb. 23, but hadn't got the bag until Apr. 1. So I guess I was so excited to see the arrival of the mail that I totally lost my judgement. Either that, or I must have been temporarily blind for the time being, for the bag is so badly made that it is not that hard to tell it's a fake.

    In either case, with the help of Prada Psycho on the forum (on the threads and, I am certain it's not an authentic Prada. Yesterday I sent a message to the seller on eBay, reported the item on eBay (using the approach for Scenario 1 suggested on the eBay forum here), and filed a dispute on PayPal regarding this auction item and transaction.

    Here is the reply from the seller I received today on PayPal:
    "The bag was bought from a very trustful seller and I´ve never been ripped off before.
    My boyfriend bought the bag and it was a gift to me, unfortunately the bag wasn´t my style and therefor I decided to sell the bag on Ebay.
    The bag was sold just as described in description.
    Christine Wang already left positive feedback:
    Excellent communication. Very helpful with package tracking. Beautiful bag.
    Buyer: christiw813 ( 56) 01-Apr-08 06:44
    Authentic Prada Glace Calf Bag (#320219180514) US $499.00
    Why leave positive feedback and then open a dispute?! I really don´t get it.
    The bag was bought in confidence and sold in confidence and therefor I can´t give a refund.

    I understand I shouldn't have left the feedback that quickly. And now it doesn't look good on me, since I've left a positive feedback on eBay already. So I replied on PayPal as follows.
    "My apologies for not being clear in my previous message. Here I quote my message to you on eBay on Apr. 7: "Hi, I received the bag last Thursday (Apr. 3) and left feedback immediately. After a more careful examination, however, I realized that the bag is a counterfeit and not authentic. Perhaps you weren't fully aware of the bag's authenticity. Nevertheless, it is true that the item is not an "Authentic Prada Glace Calf Bag" as stated. Since it is against eBay rules (and the law) to trade counterfeits, I am afraid I have to report to eBay about this item and request for refund. -christine wang"
    It is my mistake that I left feedback without a more careful examination, but my lack of caution does not change the fact that the bag is a counterfeit. Your being unaware of the item's authenticity doesn't diminish your responsibility for this unlawful conduct of trading counterfeits.

    What do you think would happen or what action I should take at this point? I read some posts by other members and found various degrees of complexity and agony in their experiences on similar issues. I wish I could retract the feedback on eBay about the item. Is there any way I can rectify it? It also seems that I'm probably gonna need a document to "prove" that the bag is fake (For some reasons, I always find this a bit funny.), judging from the seller's attitude toward the dispute.

    Thanks for your time and patience in reading this long post. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!
  2. Sorry this happened to you.
    Well, Ebay does not retract a positive feedback as far as I know, maybe in this situation they have to. You need to file PayPal claim-Item is not as advertised and with Ebay, I would ask their Life Help. I can tell this bag is not genuine because of its Prada logo, they never place their logos this way.
  3. there is a website - i cant remember what but its a ladies name, anyway, she authenticates things for a fee and can provide you with a letter ... can any other TPFers help with who to contact?
  4. hmm, you might want to take it to a prada store (if by chance you live near or around one) and ask them to authenticate it. maybe they can help to provide a letter stating the defects.

    you already notified ebay & paypal of the fraud. it is the seller's responsibility to make sure what they sell is authentic. you can "threaten" the seller that you will report them to a internet fraud center. you can find them here since you're not in the us$com.main?p_lang_seq=1
    (those are a list of international consumer protection agencies)

    find a couture appraiser near you and have it checked out if you can't go to a prada store.
  5. hey hon - you can 'follow up' on your feedback ... i just did it when i left
    glowing feedback for a seller only to find out that he had charged me hellish postage - so i left a follow up note saying that the postage i was charged was more than what he used.

    At least that will stop them selling more fakes?
  6. This is a difficult one. The seller can not say she bought the bag in good faith and pass that on to you. It is her responsibility to check the bag is authentic before listing. I am not sure if or mypoupette deal with Prada authentications but its worth asking.
    In the meantime you should try to get the seller to agree to refund by saying you will report her for online fraud or to the police.
    I dont think a Prada store will give you a letter but they may verbally say its fake, but you already know that.
    Did you pay by CC? You may want to charge back to your CC.
    Let us know how you get on.
  7. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions and replies! I would like to summarize what I have done so far and list some possible actions I may take in the next day or two.
    As of now, I have
    - reported item to eBay as counterfeit,
    - messaged seller on eBay to notify her of my dissatisfaction with the item and my intent to request refund,
    - filed dispute on PayPal,
    - requested on eBay to remove the previously left positive feedback,
    - filed dispute on eBay, and
    - left a feedback followup on eBay to identify the fake item (Thanks for the tip, mjlover1977!)

    There are at least two Prada boutiques in town. But my guessing is, and I agree with some of the members here, that Prada is probably not gonna do too much in writing for me.

    I think I will give the seller another day or so. If she is unwilling to settle (Chances are, she won't), I will
    - escalate the dispute to a claim with PayPal
    - contact caroldiva (although it seems that her service is only limited to LV products) or mypoupette (they may provide service for non-LV products, judging from their web site) for a written document (really appreciate the links, moi et mes sacs!),
    - report to the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket), since the seller locates in Sweden (learned this one via www.eConsumer.govvia. Thanks, starryeyedjenn!), and at very last
    - contact my credit card company (I put this one last for I've read some tPF members saying some companies refused to charge back to their CCs?!

    I will keep you updated when I can. Really appreciate your help!:heart:
  8. Hi! I'm back, with yet another question and actually not too much update. :s

    On eBay:
    I made a request to remove the feedback I left earlier, but was denied. Guess this one is not too surprising. Anyway, I left a feedback followup to say that the item is not as described and the bag is fake.

    On PayPal:
    I escalated the dispute to a claim on Apr. 9, and the case has been under review by PayPal since Apr. 11, but nothing since then.

    I'm just wondering if there is anything else I should do right now except waiting. I have e-mailed Carol before escalating the dispute, and she said she could write a letter for me for the bag. Should I just go ahead and get the letter without PayPal asking for it? What do you think?

    Thanks for your reply! :smile:
  9. she said the bag was bought from trusted seller she has known...blah blah...then her bf bought it....then she doesnt like it....why not return if they already knew enough to TRUST and make such assumption.

    stand still- stick w ur claim..
  10. Hi christiw...

    sorry you are going through the same thing with your prada as I am with my fucci...Paypal is reviewing my claim and it's taking forever it seems like! WTF! how long does it take??? anyway, I went ahead and got my letter from (she is great by the way) confirming the Gucci I bought is a fake, when the seller claims a similiar story like yours regarding authenicity, while waiting for PayPay to make their decision. Hopefully we both get good news soon! I also contacted my cc company to give them a headsup.
  11. Unfortunately I went through the same thing but with a pair of prada boots. I, too, left positive feedback initially and then realized the boots were fake. Paypal gave me the name of a website that authenticates bags since prada does not. I paid these people $50 and after many unanswered emails they said their prada shoe specialist was not available. I demanded a refund and they said they would but never did. After complaining to paypal, they refunded me the 50 bucks but stated that the burden of proof lies with me! They take the word of the seller and you have to prove that it's a fake! They don't even ask the seller for receipts or cards of authentication. In the end, they ruled in favor of the seller and I was out 400 bucks. I did not leave negative feedback because i don't want them to leave negative feedback. I have learned to be very wary of what's being sold on Ebay. Unfortunately, this is probably what you will go through. Ebay sucks and so does Paypal...they are supposed to protect you and your money from these exact things and they dont!! I wish you luck but I had to tell you my story!
  12. Hi Christiw. I am surprised the seller has not yet offered you a refund! If you can get a letter from Carol I think that would be advisable as you will need it I think. It will cost you money but unfortunately you have to pay money to get your money back.
    It can take a while to get a conclusion from Paypal. As I recall, the one time it happened to me it took over a month.
    Please keep us posted...
  13. Hey, thanks for all your replies!

    Yeah, i_love_yorkie, it's sometimes amazing to see the kind of stories people can come up just to sell a knock-off. :shrugs:

    khambln and ifariarn, thanks for sharing your stories! Best of luck to you, too, khambln! I think I will follow suite and get a letter from Carol soon. She is pretty quick with e-mails, too. :yes: And ifariarn, sorry for your unpleasant experience for the Prada boots. It is really frustrating, especially after all the work you did! :flowers:

    Thanks for the advice, moi et mes sacs! I actually don't mind paying Carol for the letter. I mean, it's kind of an investment -- a small payment in exchange for (the possibility) of a larger reward. :yes: (Although it's true that if I hadn't bought the bag, there wouldn't be such trouble. Well, shoulda woulda coulda, c'est la vie! :shrugs:)

    Really appreciate all your help and great advice! Will let you know when there is progress. Thank you!
  14. That stinks. The ladies here have given you great suggestions. I hope everything works out.
  15. Please keep us up-to-date on your Frauda seller! I hate this for you :tdown: :s