Attempt #3 for my epi yen wallet



    Of course, Thank you let-trade =]
  2. :nuts: Congrats!!!! Great news indeed.:yes:
  3. Gongrats!
  4. Congrats!!!
    I think Let-Trade is really busy now!
    Just bcos most PFers go for shopping @ his site!!!
  5. Very, very nice!
  6. Pretty, congrats!!
  7. looks very nice indeed! congrats!
  8. congrats! so happy for you!
  9. finally purchased it:choochoo:
  10. Awww.. congrats ! :yes:
  11. why a yen wallet?
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congratulations! 3rd time lucky!
  14. Yay! :yahoo:

  15. I wanted something similar to the porte valeurs but I'm not sure if that comes in epi. Closest would be the yen wallet or the checkbook w/ credit slots.

    I considered the porte tresor and the vennois but those two are way too bulky. My third option was to get a tresor but there aren't credit card slots. So i finally chose to skip the coin pouch and get something that holds my cash, receipts, and credit cards. I'm going to get a azur key cles more than likely to work with my keys and my coins =]
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