Attempt #2 = Success!! MY FIRST BALENCIAGA!

  1. This is my first (squared!) Balenciaga bag. It's the first Bbag I have and it's in the first style! Heheheh.

    The first one as some of you know I purchased was an Anthracite city, but the seller sent me the wrong one (an old and worn black) and the other buyer didn't respond to send it back so I returned it. Then I put in a best offer on eBay (I think the seller's on tPF, too) and won!!

    It's smaller than I expected (I didn't know the size differences between the styles) but the purse decides what we carry, not the other way around, right?? :graucho: The leather is SOOOO incredibly soft, vieny and shiney. I love it! The handles are matte and smooth so I'm a little worried about them overtime (any tips?) but other than that, it's PURRRFECT!!!


    I am so addicted now! Save for a few pieces of LV I still lust after, I'm now a convert to Balenciaga and Chanel. :biggrin:
  2. Look at how cute you are! Love the bag and outfit! Congrats!
  3. love it too! cute outfit! congrats!! :tup::heart:
  4. You look super-stylish, and the bag looks great on you. I think the size looks nice, and besides, now you won't get a shoulder/back injury from carrying around a big bag. ;)
  5. Yes, I remember your purse fiasco. I thought you were going to keep the one you got regardless and was going to ask for a discount from the seller.....the other person (who got, what was supposed to be, your bag) got a great deal on her new purse!

    Anyway, my favorite size is the First. CONGRATS!
  6. Congratulations, I think it looks great on you. What color is it?? Whichever one it is, it is a lovely brown :tup:
  7. Love it! The first is the best! Congrats on a pretty bag!
  8. I love the new bag! and the outfit looks great with it too!! Congrats!
  9. Your purse looks exactly like the first Bbag I purchased. My very first Bbag was a 06 Truffle First. Your handbag looks just great on you. Not to mention, I just love your coat. Congrats and you made a beautiful choice!
  10. The bag is beautiful and looks great with your outfit!!
  11. Wow what a wonderful color! Gratz!
  12. cute! congrats!
  13. Is it Truffle? I love ur outfit. Very Nice! Congrats
  14. great jacket, love the boots too - and the purse looks amazing!! congrats :smile:
  15. Fabulous!!!! Love your first squared (LOL) and you look awesome, you two make a lovely combo. Congrats!