Attack of the Turquoises!

  1. are they all authentic, do you know?
    the color is very nice. some of them are kinda expensive tho.
  2. something about the cosmic alignment...

    that IS pretty crazy!
  3. The seller of the 1700. city says it's never been carried but the corners looks a bit scuffed or dirty.:hrmm:
  4. ^the auction does state "there is very faint rubbing on the corners". [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
  5. ...get them while you can, the way Ebay and bbags go --- you won't see another for a year (trust me)! LOL!
  6. all the ones I listed are authentic :yes:

    seriously mimi! I cant believe it! I hadnt seen an 04 turquoise in 5 months and then BAM! here they all are!
  7. they're all gorgeous! i want them ALL :lol: thanks for the listings, mocean!!!! :flowers:
  8. I completely agree, Booyah. They are soooooo gorgeous. I prefer the brighter turquoises- sooo attractive. Drool! If only there was a turquoise mini twiggy just for me.
  9. WOW!!!!!! crazy!!! love them all
  10. Hi
    That's my bag! I never said it's never been carried. The bag is absolutely gorgeous and the corners are very faintly rubbing on the bottom(almost invisable). I'm always honest and don't leave any details out! Please don't take this as me being rude but I am defending myself. I don't want anyone to be surprised if I didn't mention every little thing in my auction.:smile:
  11. Maybe I confused you bag with a different one, I'm sorry!!!!
  12. ^^^ That's okay- do not worry at all!!!
  13. OMG zacorey, I cant believe you're letting the turq city go!!! Good luck, dear!
  14. ^^ I know but something suddenly came up!!!