Attack of the jealous girl: Part 1 The Marc Jacobs Alfred Envy

  1. So I have this acquaintance, shall we say, and she's a nice girl. I don't think I'll upgrade her to girlfriend status because she's a little too wayward for my tastes (though I'm known to be rather flighty myself). Anyway, I went to the boutique in town that she works at to say hello while I was running some errands when she notices my new Marc Jacobs Alfred in Bordeaux. I didn't want to say anything about it but she immediately gawks and it and start criticising me for my purchase. Here are some quotes:

    "I can't believe you bought another bag!"
    "How many bags DO you own?"
    "You always have a different bag everytime I see you." (not true)
    "You know its such a waste of money to spend hundreds of dollars on a bag when you can get something just like it for $50.00."

    Now, I don't consider myself a snob but I am most certainly a realist. And for me, I like what I like. The price tag only determines whether or not I can get it in the present or in the future (or maybe never). My point is, I didn't like the way she was attacking me for my purchase. I work hard to make the little money that I do and if I want to spend it on a purse, then so be it!
    THEN, she had the nerve to ask me to "lend" or "GIVE" her one of the bags that I'm no longer using since I clearly don't need it. :shrugs: I mean am I the only one on planet Earth here girls? First I am told that I waste too much money on my handbags and then she turns around and tells me to give her one? Maybe there is too much oxygen in her store or something. And you know, she isn't the only girl I've encountered like this. I have a few friends who make a big deal about me buying nice things (because when I like something enough, I'm willing to sacrifice and get it if I can) but will turn right around and ask me to borrow them. :confused1: I don't get it.
  2. I wouldn't have went into the boutique to say hello. sounds like a wackadoo
  3. It sounds to me like she's jealous of your immaculate taste in bags. She was obviously trying to cover her feelings by making you feel bad about your gorgeous bag. I would downgrade her from "acquaintance" to "unknown party" and forget about her.

    In other words...HOW RUDE!
  4. I swear, I'm not mental and can speak English well...I'm just tired and have been up since the crack of dawn working on my paperwork. Sorry about all the errors but hopefully you get my point! :yes:
  5. LOL! (Is it okay to use that, LOL?) WELL, I actually DID laugh out loud at your post, it was so funny! Especially the part about downgrading her, haha. I just hate when people make you feel bad for buying the things you like, especially when you work so hard for them! Like I said before in other forums, no trust fund here, this is all sweat and it shows in the shape of a purse :smile:

  6. ditto on working for my bags...I just don't see how it's anyone else's business how I spend my money! As Carrie Bradshaw said, "I like my money where I can see it; hanging in my closet."
  7. I agree, HOW RUDE!! Definitely forget about her, sounds like all she wants to do is take advantage of you! None of my friends would ever ask me that!!!
  8. She sounds jealous and ill tempered. I'd stay away from someone that rude. I can understand why you wouldn't consider someone like that your friend. Friends aren't supposed to be judgemental, even if they can't understand an interest you have.
  9. :roflmfao: I can't believe she asked if she could HAVE one of your handbags?! Who asks their friends if they can HAVE their things?! I've lent friends things before (with stipulations), but DAMN, no one has flat-out asked for anything.

    Except for my sister. And I usually give it to her, anyway. :lol: What can I say, I'm a sucker, she's my baby.
  10. Simple jealousy on her part, IAmMe. She probably hoped that if you start to feel bad or guilty about your gorgeous bags, then you're more likely to say yes when she asks you if she could have some of them. That's so lame.
  11. Ugh, I know. And the worst part is, I let her borrow some money (before this happened) and she was going on about how I didn't need it since I had money to buy new handbags! :confused1: Those are totally unrelated. Some people!!
  12. that is funny! but not really! i can not believe that she insulted you and then asked to HAVE an expensive bag!! is she crazy!! :wtf: you don't GIVE away a MJ bag!! I might let a really close friend borrow one, but gezz!!

    people these days!! LOL

    marclover, i LOVE that quote! :o)
  13. uhh! i just read ur post ^ mine. that has NOTHING to do with your bags! i say when she pays you back...leave that weirdo alone! JMO
  14. for someone to tell you that you have enough money for her not to pay back a loan???!!! haha. she is crazy. you should straight up tell her that she needs to stop criticizing you to make herself feel better. you do NOT justify anything to her.
  15. I have this theory about toxic friends -- and those are people who only make you feel bad or infuriated after you spend even a few minutes with them. Whether with actions or words...why would she want to borrow your bags, if she looks down on you buying them in the first place? I say you take MJ, turn around, and never look back. If she doesn't respect you, she won't respect your bags! No one needs "toxins" to ruin their MJ bag!:shame: