Attack of the Anaconda Sneaky Snake :)

  1. Merry Christmas to ME.....

    :choochoo: :choochoo: Look what just showed up my door :nuts:

    I have been lusting after this bag since it was released in August and it finally went on sale:wlae:

    I even ended up getting a $300.00 ECG card, so I was able to order the Yang Boots in Black (those Damn Yvea's were still sold out in my size:cursing:) for $200.00
  2. simply stunning!:drool::love: merry, merry christmas my friend! :heart:you deserve it!:girlsigh:

    wear her in the best of health!:yes:
  3. Ssssssuper! <<--- that's my best snake impression. :upsidedown::lol::upsidedown:

    You'll need new golf balls to match. :graucho:
  4. wow, that's a great bag!!! Beautiful :smile: Congrats!
  5. Miss Robyn! That bag is even more beautiful IRL! OMG....I LOVE the colors! :love:

    And you got the Yang boots for $200? I am so jealous! Great bag, great boots....congratulations!! :yahoo:

    Ummm....what does ECG stand for?? :confused1:
  6. Electrocardiogram, silly girl! You bring in your most recent one and Saks gives you a $300 gift card.
  7. robynbenz - that is a beautiful anaconda :love: ...much nicer than the one in the movie starring JLo. I like the green and copper-y colors a lot. And Yang boots, too! Aren't they great?
  8. :yahoo:Congratulations!!!:yahoo: Does that make it TWO SSSNNNNAKE bags for now, then? That bag is gorgeous!!

    And the Yang boots, you are so lucky. I've been eyeing those on too, but it's still a bit pricey for me.

    Wear them all in good sexy health!
  9. :ty:BalenciagaLove, Mick & bella and you are right, I guess I need some matching balls to match:roflmfao:

    Jburgh you are too funny:lol: I agree, the bag is better than JLo's

    Stinker Bet you didn't know I had an EKG :shocked:

    ECG is the SFA event they have usually once a month, (Spend Some, Get Some) When you spend a certain amount of money, you get a gift card to use for your next purchase, so If you spend $2001.00, you qualify for a $300.00 ECG, which mine arrived with the bag and I promptly got on SFA and ordered the boots. With the ECG, I only had to pay $200.00 out of pocket (so to speak) ;)

    Yes, this is Sneaky Snake bag #2, but not the last:graucho:

    IKWM, the price of those books :rant:, I really would have liked the tall ones, but NP was the only place I could find, who sold those, and no ECG for NP:sad:
  10. Wow Robyn that is beautiful!!! Just an amazing bag.
  11. Ya know what? I am sensing a trap here....the beginnings of a diabolical scheme if you will. :sneaky:

    OK, I know that ECG stands for electrocardiogram.....but what the HECK does an electrocardiogram have to do with Saks??? What is the tie-in? I tried to Google it and I got nothing. :wondering

    Are you and Mrs. Mertz both trying to get me, Miss cuts coupons to save $1 on Spam, to actually go to my Dr. for an ECG, take it to Saks and say "here's my ECG now give me Choos!" only to be laughed out of the store by every SA in the tri-state area that you have in on your scheme as I'm being filmed for a YouTube clip? :graucho:

    I smell a rat... :dots:

    Anyone else? Is this really true? If it is, I'm just's so off the wall....
  13. Stinker I am going to have to learn:noggin:

    NEVER and I mean NEVER eat or drink when reading one of your posts :sweatdrop:

    (I clip coupons too, but just not for Spam :yucky:)

    Jburgh is too funny and you are too gullible:p

    Did you really believe Jburgh:lol:
  14. Did you really believe Jburgh:lol:

    I wasn't sold 100% but writing that post was really difficult because if it was true I absolutely did not want to offend anyone! I mean maybe the owner of Saks father died of a massive heart attack and so they had an ECG event to bring awareness to heart problems and over the years many lives were saved! That's why I asked for anyone else to shed light on the situation. :shame:

    I am going to find Jburgh, and mark my words when I do....oh, it won't be pretty.... :hysteric:
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: