attack by MAD buyer :(

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  1. Ok, it's actually the continue of my previous thread about scamming buyer - damaged bag.

    I agreed to refund her if she send back to me and I've provided the instruction so I won't get charge by custom coz I didn't purch. it from her but wanna refund her.

    Unfiortunately, looks she put copy of her bank transfer ( perhaps around AU$ 1200 or a few ) and copy of ori receipt which is about 5 bags ( approx. $ 500, $ 1100 & $ 1200 ) and I guess she used NO envelope nor stick the envelope ( custom NOT allowed me to see my package unless I pay for charge ).

    The problem, custom charge me for over $700 which is I def. can't effort!

    So, custom gave me 2 choices only:

    - pay custom OR
    - custom will process to send back to the sender.

    I choose to send back and I inform the buyer, tell her to resend to me w/o any receipt nor non-sticky envelope! then I'll refund her coz I need the bag on my hand before issue her a refund.

    Now, she closed claim and report to eBay Trust & Safety HArbour as fraudulent complaint after left me bad - feedback :cursing:

    I mean, I'm not scamming her nor refuse for refund, I just need bag on my hand! Why this require such so difficullt for her to understand it??

    Beside it, I think it such a revenge by her since she ever said in eBay dispute that she'll stop me from selling LV :tdown:
  2. I'm no help but that's horrible! I really feel for you. I hope it all works out.
  3. Wow, that is messed up, I can't believe the nerve of her!! Don't accept the bag and have customs send it back to her. Don't refund her until she resends the bag to you properly packaged. At this point, who cares what she wants, she already left you negative feedback. Make it difficult for her to get her refund, especially since she's not being so helpful herself!
  4. Thanks for all :smile:

    Now, she's reported me to eBay Trus & Safety for fraudulent complaint. Did it rid coz I've NO bag on my hand & I've agreed to refund her? :confused1: ooh for the note, she just registered here after read in eBay dispute that I'm member of tPF.
  5. Sorry you're going through such an ordeal. You should leave her a negative for the horrible person she is. Personally, I wouldn't have offered the refund if the buyer damaged my item like that.
  6. Gosh, what a mess! So sorry you're going thru this!
  7. Hi , you shouldn't get charged customs /tax on a refund , get it refused and ask her to send it back as a return , you are within your rights to do this , through paypal and ebay .
  8. I've told her the same. I said,"Custom was processing it to send back ( it mean, I even never saw nor tough the item after she sent back here ) and please re-send to me without any receipt nor bill nor something shown the price coz I'll refund you, not I'm purch it from you."

    but looks she really serious and revenge, she's serious intend to attack me. She skip all of my explains and file claim that I take her $$$ & bag :shocked: while if eBay use EMS online trace, it'll shown that item has not/never on my hand.
  9. Can you deduct the 700 from the refund?? I don't know what paypal will do with it though. Or just refuse the package and don't refund? I wouldn't pay the 700 though.
  10. She didn't pay by PayPal but by bank wire and final amount is for $950 incl shipping only ( while she asked me for $1009 or something, more than $1000 but I accepted from her was about $909 only, rid ).

    If I deduct $700, it mean she'll receive $200 only... I can't do it to her.
  11. how horribale sorry you are going thru this...and why did she register on here? to start problems?
  12. Hi Lvgodiva, i think that if the seller has bought such an expensive bag then she should expect to pay high customs charges if there are them. Of course I do not agree with customs but we have to pay them or we dont get our stuff, its the law.

    Also its her fault that she refused the bag so why is she getting all funny with you about it, I find that quite rude. Do you know if the bag is being shipped or sent via airmail ??, if its being shipped then it could take 5-6 weeks, thats the way customs usually send it.

  13. If there is no other way maybe you can agree on splitting the cost, so you pay half and you take half out of the refund?
  14. But then the buyer isn't getting the money... Customs is and they really shouldn't be getting any of it.
  15. I am sorry that this has continued on as it has....Hopefully she will just resend it the way you need it to be sent, so you and she can move on.