attaching strap to a handheld

  1. Can u attach a shoulder strap to the Tivoli PM? I didn't see anything mentioned in the description. Then again, if a strap costs $200, I might as well just get the GM, eh?
  2. you are better off that way
  3. I don't think bags that aren't designed for straps look good with them the straps always squish them because of where you have to clip them on it spoils the look of the bag IMO

    If you'd prefer the strap go for the bigger size
  4. My Mom will attach a strap to ANYTHING! She has rigged the keepall strap to her patachwork speedy and I think it looks great!

  5. Is it possible to see a pic?:nuts:
  6. Hmm....I don't think I'd like a strap attached. I guess go for the bigger one. I think the smaller one is cuter though.
  7. I saw the GM in the store and it seemed really huge. They didn't however, even have the PM, so I couldn't compare it.

  8. I cannot upload pics here... I am not the best computer person. If you pm me your email address I will send you a pic! :flowers: