Attaching keyfob/charms

  1. to your bags, has anyone thought about doing this ?

    And using the strap from either your wristlet/ipod or and LV one from your wapity.
  2. Staring at that almost puts me in a deep state of hypnosis.

    hahah I can't figure that mess out!
  3. I am so there with you!! :blink: A little confused about your question too BagFetish.:huh:
  4. If you take the strap from wrislet or ipod, they will be strapless.. I don't think I like that :shame:
  5. You mean hanging the whole thing from you bag plus a charm?! :shrugs:
  6. That's a great idea! I just have to get more wristlets that have the completely detachable straps, that's all! *lol* I think most of my wristlets have attached straps on one end.
  7. One sec ladies. I will use my treo case and show you,.
  8. I think I understand her question.....see how there seems to be a strap from the ipod case, kind of wound around the strap of that bag? And the hangtag is attached to the clip of the ipod strap, as opposed to the strap of the bag. If you have a detachable strap on a wristlet, you could use it for this purpose.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, BagFetish:smile:.

    I think you'd have to have a pretty large bag to get away with that.
  9. I think she meant to detach the strap from the wrislet and use it as a tool to attach the keyfob/charm.. I could be wrong :girlsigh:

  10. Please do!!! I feel stupid because I dont get the idea :shame:
  11. ok here we go...
    keyfob 001.jpg keyfob 002.jpg keyfob 003.jpg
  12. Glad to see at least one person figured it out ... LOL
  13. Sorry. No. Definetely wouldnt do that.:nogood:
  14. this pic was taken from a signature tote
  15. keep in mind the strap from an ipod or wristlet is much softer and thinner.